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  • Astral projection into the physical world

    Hoping to find someone else some day that has gained this ability as I have recently learned that it was a rare skill that powerful ancient witches apparently had. Obviously there is no recent evidence to prove this. But I have been searching for years to try and find someone else who can do this, I have experienced this twice and with witnesses to attest to it. Any knowledge any witches can give will be greatly appreciated even if it's not personal experience of the same thing. Blessings

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    That used to be called etheral walking though a few I knew back in the early 1980's also called it shadow projection in the groups I ran with.

    Was very closely related to dream walking and the concept of dream walkers as related to medicine practices and shamanic practices for some Native American belief systems. Not to be confused with Skin Walkers or Raven Mockers though, even though it could be seen and perceived as a negative usage depending upon how you employed it.

    Basic concept was built around the notion that the spirit realm about the earth was the etheral world where the spirit self, allies and guides, etc and energy moved. Was not the Astral which was believed to be more outside the earthly realm and more celestial or higher in nature. The etheral was also believed to be more "real time" or "now" where the astral could be anytime. The etheral also existed both within the internal mental realm and external upon the physical realm or landscape so one could function within the laws. We also tended to believe it was upon the etheral that one experienced the concepts of Near Death Experiences (N.D.E.) and Out of Body Experience (O.B.E) as they from a shamanic perspective are different from a separation through journey work and traveling the world tree.

    Functionality wise we often picked a site or person, used a physical item as a thread connector and projected our spirit to the place. Then you selected a point as an anchor there and pushed your energy to the spot and sort of was like turning an hour glass upside down. The best way I can describe it was where an O.B.E. is often described as falling out of your body this was like sliding into the place and having a sense of going from nothing to going to a sense of weight and mass. Was never very good at it so usually stuck to viewing myself and occasionally trying to move something. When I tried to move I just remember it was very taxing and very stressful for me.

    Yet to the person you were going to or if you saw them it was like seeing a ghostly form many times. The degree of "Physical Manifestation" varied from person to person. Never knew anyone that could hold it much beyond maybe a minute at the most but most were only a few seconds at most it seemed and have any really solid forms. Never any audio or verbal manifestations with it, though sometimes your might think you'd hear something in your mind but nothing with your ears.

    Most of us gave up on it over time though. As to why we gave up I really can't say other than our group broke up as we were military and never really got back together again. As individuals we did stay in contact for a bit and our individual interests did change and our focus went into other pathways and that particular skill really didn't seem important to any of us. Aspects of it remain, but the actual etheral walking or shadow walking faded away.

    Not sure that helped or not but that's what I recall of it and what I am willing to share in public.


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      It happens when I use magick whether I like it or not and I only appear when it comes to effect. Legally I can only say that the last time was whilst my mother was talking to a guy in the kitchen. Next thing I know I was standing behind them and realised what was happening so I asked them a question to which they gave an answer looking completely confused and I walked past and into thin air again. But I should say that we were both in different countries at the time and moving stuff wasn't any more difficult than my physical, and that I wasn't a shadow or apparition but a complete copy of myself only very bright and This has happened on both occasions that I have used what you would call magick and haven't used it since because of it. I am completely lucid and awake when it comes but it's like having a space open between your eyes that you can send yourself through to apparently do what ever? Even though your aware your body is somewhere else.. I could of course simply believe what my deities and psychics have been trying tell me which answers all and makes sense but would rather not discuss that. Thanks for your help regardless I was aware of how the energy drawing works and having an anchor ect but never considered it during these events.


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        Curious if you've ever discovered the idea of the King's Tween? You typically won't find to much on the net or even in books and when you do many try to conflate it with the idea of a fetch but it was quite a bit different. I was stationed in Scotland when we discovered the idea and it started us practicing and attempting to understand it. It's a method that's mentioned in other aspects but usually recorded in mythology with rulers or hero's though who "Appear" during situations at various places and times when you know they can not be at all those spots but their people know they were in fact leading or guiding them and appeared before them. Not just appear but fully interact and inspire, and are often said to be surrounded by a glowing aura.

        It didn't answer all of our questions and caused more than it answered but it also pushed our minds into some avenues of though that probably bordered on fantasy or insanity. Consider is it possible to create your own doppleganger? Figure two things can't hold the same space but nothing I ever read said they can't hold the same time. Like I said we talked about everything. From a shamanic aspect a soul fragment can be broken off or stop growing due to a traumatic event, yet under the right conditions and training I've been told a fragment with all your skills and knowledge can be projected for short duration's to operate away from your body almost like a servitor but it is always you and you are aware of both of yourselves. But does it manifest in the material? That I do not know.


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          Is a highly magnetic golden aura ever mentioned in it, this is what surrounds me apparently and it can be viewed from far and wide and was how I appeared to others.. Before this all happened I kept having dreams of a place where I would be walking through the woods and suddenly Being surrounded by evil people who started closing in on me, then I seemed to clutch my hands against my forehead and a huge flash surrounded me, next thing I know 6-10 bodies lay dead and I was picking them up and throwing them into what appeared to be a giant furnace. There seemed to be no weight to them as in 1 hand a whole body felt like a pebble. Then I carried on walking into a clearing with fallen trees and a young woman came climbing over them to me and just as we held each other in our arms I awoke. The weird thing was i looked the same as i do now only - the tattoos and piercings, messages I was receiving up to and after this lead me to believe that this was a past love from a previous life connecting with me and the messages after would attest to that.. Things like this have been happening since I was 15 tho. And I can't seem to find anyone else who has experienced anything like what I have, which started making me think I was going mad, but since the last experiences where others have seen it for themselves I have lost that privilege. Sorry to say but the word hero is starting to piss me keeps coming up everywhere I look or listen oddly enough.. But thanks for your help anyways, I've never heard of the Kings tween before will try and find out what I can,
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            Let me preface this with the disclaimer these are my thoughts and beliefs so others may disagree.

            Part of what your talking about reminds me of what I refer to as a dragon's ball. It's in part built around the concept of the idea of sacred directions but also the idea of journey work in a shamanic sense. The idea is that the directions are what's before me, what's behind me, what's above me, what's below me, what's above me, what's to the left of me and what's to the right of me and what is centered upon me. That gives you seven points of reference then an eight point would be for where ever you are going and which ever place your going to.

            Now the ball is golden in that it is the realm of movement and action and to a degree the physical. If you look to some oriental imagery you will occasionally see the dragon's holding a golden ball or orb though most often they will be depicted holding a whitish pearl which denotes wisdom which for me is reflective of mental and internal energy and movement.

            Since the ball is movement and direction you can create a deju vu type scenario or experience a deju vu type event. I could not scientifically prove it but I believe you could potentially also experience multi dimensional possibilities and even meet yourself or experience your alternate self's life and have recall of those cross-over events. Those points where you have memories of things but they are detached from your current life but are so clear and vibrant with the certainty they are yours. Not deja vu in the sense you've lived them before but fragments that you've lived but can't place but know they are yours and go with a current life but somehow don't quite fit right.

            Since the dragon ball is a magical creation it would appear to glow about you, almost like an aura that completely envelopes you. I speculate there would be a static charge about you if you move given that when I have tried to cast it and then dropped it I have been shocked when I've touched things. Sort of like the static discharge you get from rubbing clothes and touching someone and they get shocked or your hair seems to stand up on end. But if I cast if for journey work and stay in the same place and then undo the spell sequence in the same place there has been no shock afterwards from things about me. So if I do that type of ritual I know I have to stay in one physical place vice moving though many of my other ceremonies or rituals I do in the woods and do wander about quite a bit as I am "urged" to do so.

            Can't say what other's might see it as though. But a golden aura would suggest, well to me anyway, its a crown chakra type thing being involved. That's where you get the golden halo's and aura's from typically though kundalini and the serpent rising is occasionally associated with a golden colored orb or glow about the head or upper body of the person. I known there is a form of kundalini that is crashing where the energy comes crashing down into the body inverted and is supposed to be deadly or destructive but my knowledge of Eastern lore is not that great. But what I do know is it's something like a hammer fall upon the person and an outside person usually has to aide them as its overpowering and destructive as they are not prepared and it sort of is like an energy surge that blows all the circuits out. From a shamanic perspective it's like a brain crusher and breaks or crushers the persons will and mind and can fracture or destroy the spirit.

            Off topic perhaps but you said past love but when I read that I keep hearing self love from a past life. Sort of To thy own self be true


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              Thanks for your help, at least I have someone elses idea on why I have been appearing in the places where magic that I have used comes to effect, it's obviously linked to spell use as it's happened both times now first time was literally 2hours after I appeared just as the spell worked the 2nd was the afternoon the next day,and because of my family friend and my mum getting freaked out by it I haven't used magick since. Don't know what my own opinion is as you can imagine it's a lot to comprehend. Even when I met my patron goddess I was told that the way I met her wasn't normal as all I did was close my eyes and after a few seconds I was taken to her land, it was visually amazing I have to say. Best way to describe it was like a movie being played using the darkness when you close your eyes as a cinema screen. And it was a bit of a chore trying to find out where and who these beings were when you have no knowledge of mythology and your going just on description, but eventually I met someone who was able to tell me who it was and when I read up on her it was exactly what i had described, so I knew it was for real at that moment as i had never even heard of this person. Regardless of what happened from then on in I will always feel blessed just for that experience alone.. And I have grown closer to her then any other even my own family. I have often read about people becoming so close with there deities that even sex with them happens whether it be through some sort of trance or during dreams, so maybe this was just my soul being taken to her land during dreams. But the messages I was getting suggest that I had at least lived and died before and spent at least some amount of time in her place before being reborn, could it just be I was someone she felt very close with whilst in her place before being reborn? But I can say that the relationship I have with her is almost the opposite of what others have with her.


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                Have you ever heard of scrying upon the third eye? Basically you close your eyes and you imagine your sitting in front of a blank movie screen and then let the images play upon the screen before your eyes but it's all occurring upon the darkness behind your closed eyelids. For reference the area feels like it's located right between the eyes and often just above them at the bridge of the nose or slightly higher with a pulsing sensation. Many times it starts out in black and white or even shades of gray with hues of gray the only differences. Yet at times the effect / affect goes into color and it's not unusual to find you sort of fall into the show and actually become part of the events. It's not like lucid dreaming for your not dreaming and are fully aware your scrying and you don't take control over it. Yet it's more 3d in that many times you can change vantage points and observation points, at times even changing your shape and / or species. From my perspective as a shamanic type practitioner you can shape shift or shift shape.

                Regarding sex with ones divinity that is rather common in many shamanic type practices. Many refer to it as a shamanic spouse situation, with the spouse being a divinity, a guide or allie, sometimes a unborn human spirit or even a deceased spouse. In some cases the spirit spouse can be truly controlling and demand the devote be bound and faithful to them only and forsake any and all human companions. In other cases the spirit spouse may share the living practitioner but demand that on certain days or during certain periods they refrain from contact with the living spouse / partner. Then of course you have the spirit spouse that simply acknowledges the human spouse has their rights in the human world and the spirit spouse has their rights in the spirit world and the practitioner is wed to both at the same time. There may or may not be formal ritual weddings and bonding / binding ceremonies or sexual unions that join and mark "claiming" of the practitioner by the divinity / spirit / daemon / etc. Of course much of it depending upon the nature of the particular entity in question. Some claim by blood rite, some claim by ritual dismemberment and rebuilding, some by sexual union and marking. Some will use all of those depending upon which persona aspect they approach you with.

                Just my personal opinion but I find as a male my relationship is very different from most others with the goddesses I am blood bound to. Doesn't matter whether they be male or female I've only encountered a few who've had anything remotely similar experience wise. It's like nearly every person I know that follows a shamanic influenced pathway claims to be a healer, I don't, I walked the path of a warrior and was called to different magics and influences. Not right, not wrong, just different callings with different expectations from those that called to us and what they expect of us or ask of us.


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                  I was aware of scrying yes but only after research which was seems to use obsidian mirrors mainly but sometimes water. Happened very fast as soon as i closed my eyes she was waiting, but leading up to this there was many incidents that pushed me into the pagan that had been happening since I was 15. 2 of the events left both me and the 2 people I was along with running and screaming, these experiences happened 15 years ago and 7 years ago. So long before I found out who she was she already desperately trying to reach me, maybe she is just a goddess that likes me a lot. Maybe it's her that is enabling me to do this. I used the runes to ask her questions often after being sent a message i didn't believe and even that seems to say exactly the same messages she sends, and still doesn't explain why I seem to be able to project myself through my 3rd eye to different places and maintain physical and visible presence.


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                    Mirrors and water are common things for scrying. Using black or dark blue ink in water is also a common method for scrying as is a moon upon a dark and still water surface. I know for Hekate I find a heavy shifting fog or a smoke from the coals of a fire are both good scrying surfaces for getting signs from her, sometimes from Artemis though clouds across the face of the moon work really well for me with her as well. Other's may disagree but I find the soapy film on the surface of a hot bath when the warm currents are moving it around can be a good scrying surface as well as a portal opening.

                    Have to admit though water is my birth element and primary element so I have a lot of success and connection to it. As such it plays a big role in many aspects of my practice and influences when I do things or where I do things. I bring that up as something you might ponder or think about when you analyze your own situation. It's like many times I connect strongly with people who are connected to fire which elemental wise is a cross element from me vice people who are connected to earth or air which are side elements. Yet fire is also the second strongest calling element for me. Not to rule out the other elements or their placement as I believe it changes based upon our geological placement upon the earth. For instance geological placement for me is water is to the east, fire to the south, air to the north and land to the west.

                    But sometimes I think it does influences how we perceive the divine and especially the daemons about us who are sent by them. I should add I use daemon is the sense that the early Hellene's (Greek's) used the word not the later Christian version of Demon.


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                      It was like the roof opened up to show the stars, then I was travelling through them into a type of hole. When it stopped I was in a cave facing a huge skeletal woman who smiled and let me pass where I first met her highness. I have also met a lady called frigga but as to what she was doing in hels Kingdom I have no idea....
                      Either way she has been very generous with her gifts if this projection skill is from her that is, Shame we don't have any true psychics on here that could read me like the last 1 I visited... She has become everything to me. So maybe these are just gifts but if so why none of her other followers and why has she been with me since I was born.


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                        My Nordic and Teutonic mythology is not that up to date. Yet it sounds like you met a Jotunn initially which makes me wonder if your goddess is not one of the Vanir goddesses. Especially with the association of being in a cavern as I seem to recall the Vanir were the earthly gods / goddesses associated with fertility, death, etc or things we might equate with the chthonic spectrum. A cavern would seem to suggest an earthly connection, well to me anyway. But a cavern also suggests a fertility or rebirth connection or possibility some type of initiation / transition progression. The Aesir were more celestial if I recall correctly though Asgard was one of the nine realms with earth being Midgard if I recall correctly.

                        The Nordic pantheon never really spoke to me though while I was stationed in Scotland I used to dream of Freyja. I still hold a slight interest in her but it's never been as strong as it was back then though I've always wonder about it.

                        Regarding true psychics that one is sort of iffy. If you judge a psychic to be true simply because they could read you then that's a pretty narrow truth. It also sort of presumes reading you is all they care to do to be called a true psychic for many I know they wouldn't be bothered trying to read you as it's not life or death nor going to change anything. All of this is your life path and discovery and its up to you to discover it though they might aide you if they are guided to do so or feel compelled in some way. Am I a psychic? Some say so but I don't bother to read others for the most part for the simple truth, most will not acknowledge the truth of what you say. Some from shame, some from anger, some from any number of reasons, some simply because they haven't even experienced what you've seen about them as a psychic yet or enough to put it together. That doesn't even rule out the fact that as a psychic the imagery and words the psychic uses doesn't mean they will be ones the person being read will understand or relate to but they are valid. Being psychic doesn't mean you have a vocabulary and symbology that is different in a spiritual sense that is different from your everyday usage, you use the same knowledge to convey the same information. Just like a person who channels never really introduces new concepts or revelations they use their own vocabulary and knowledge. Even cold readers who make a living off of probing and asking leading questions to dig for information use their own words until their subject revels key words for them or imagery and symbols.

                        Your final sentence says she has been with you since you were born. Yet when did she claim you? Please don't take this wrongly but I'm willing to bet the psychic told you she's been with you since you were born. But again when did she claim you?

                        It's like Artemis has watched me since birth. Yet she didn't claim me till I was of age and was walking along a mountain path by myself basically. I got ahead of my family and came to a blind in a trail where I was hidden from everyone. A deer came up to me and was almost nose to nose. We stood there looking at each other and I heard a woman's voice "I am Artemis and you are mine!" Was it out loud or in my head? I really do not know even to this day. How long I stood there can't answer that either. A second, a minute, heck maybe even a few minutes before some kids came running around the rocks and the deer took off. Yet in that time she left no doubt she claimed me. Think I was 7 maybe 8 years old when that happened, maybe a bit older.

                        From a shamanic perspective where all chosen by a spirit, god / goddess, daemon at birth and watched over. That's pretty normal, in some capacity they even aide our spirits in being born. But that doesn't mean they claim us or test us once we have been breathed into life. I died at 1 year of age. From a shamanic perspective that was my physical death and the spirits marking me and claiming me, others have claimed that was also Hekate marking me and claiming me, perhaps even Artemis marking me in her chthonic persona. I would come close to death more than a few times after that through sickness or even should have been somewhere only to have grandparents refuse to allow me to go. For instance my parents went out with friends and I should have gone but my grandparents absolutely refused to allow me to go at last minute. They were in a wreck and my car-seat was compacted under the passenger seat, I would have died instantly had I gone. Fate? Perhaps but some of my relatives said it was my ancestors and the Spirits stepping in as I was claimed.

                        So when were you claimed? Because all the testing and teaching starts after your claimed. In my experience your marked, then your 1st tested, then your chosen or claimed, then your 2nd tested and taught then it becomes a cycle of testing and teaching. Them being present at birth doesn't even count in that cycle. The fact you can be basically dropped from the program and simply live a normal life at any point doesn't seem to factor in either from what I can tell, or never even start the program based upon what I've observed in some people. As to the rules of the program or its content some times I think it's group passed and focused other times I think it's individual focused. For it seems there are days where it seems every one I speak to is going through the same scenario, and other days where no one is doing anything remotely similar to what I was subjected to.

                        Sorry went off on a tangent there.


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                          my patron is Hel sorry I forgot to say, that was who I met after mordgud let me pass in the cave. But 1 of the first questions I had for her was about an experience from when I was 15 beside a river with 2 friends that left us running and screaming and it turned out that was her first coming to claim me. As for the psychic she knew about parts of my life that only I knew of. Also knew of a dark entity surrounding me that was constantly sending negative energy at me which turned out to be loki. That's what she has been protecting me from apparently hes jealous of me which I certainly don't understand because your life would have to be pretty bad to be jealous of mine.


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                            A river would make sense as it's often seen as a liminal place but also at times a gateway between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Especially if there is any connection with an association with some sort of cave, well or spring associated with it or in close area to it. Not specifically the river itself but the shoreline as it's neither water nor earth but a transition place and in many places is also a place of death and decay as well as birth and purification though people really do not think about that.

                            I am curious though ever wonder what might have happened had you been by the river alone? I recall Hekate coming to me when I was with some friends scared the hell out of us. Afterwards in journey work she asked me why I was afraid. When I truly though about it I was not afraid because of the atmosphere and events taking shape I was afraid because those with me were afraid and felt I had to be because they were. We feed off of each other's energy and fear and simply magnified what our imaginations were seeing and thinking and created monsters out of the mists and fog. Not saying that is what you did or even inferring it just relating an example.

                            As an aside though here but water is also a projector surface. Send a light beam into it at the right angle and it will turn back upwards as it bends but never straight back up. In that regard it's almost like a crystal surface though night quite as faceted. But imagine if your projecting your energy as a reflection off its surface. For some reason I seem to recall parts of Helheim are ice and water and are pretty crystalized. Sorry mind sort of wandering.

                            Hel is one I do not know that much about except surface information. That being in some lore she is a Jotunn and daughter of Loki, in other lore I've read she is an older Vanir and associated with Nature personified / personalized itself and is also called Frau Hollie. Depicted in some places as a young woman on one side and an older woman on the other side, a living woman on one side and a corpse and / or skeleton on the other, some as a beautiful woman on her upper half and a skeleton on her lower half of her body, some depictions as a white woman on one side and a blue or black colored woman on the other side of her body. I think the Norse saw her as someone best to avoid and harmful at best while others saw her as not baneful but sometimes sympathetic but like nature in that she could be beneficial but could also be destructive. Myself I really do not know figure no divinity is good or bad as those are more human constructs and morality and derived from deciding whether an action benefits or harms the person who is receiving it.

                            Loki I've never considered to be evil, a trickster for certain but never evil. Even in his lore he's not really doing evil things but pulling tricks on people that cause things to happen. As a trickster one role is to make you look at situations and often from perspectives you'd not want to but in such a way you can't avoid it. But also by making mockery of you and your attempts to avoid doing so and how pitiful we look when we try. In that regard they are like the court jesters of old who made mockery of civilization and all it's values but especially so called hero's and famous people. There's an old 1950's movie titled IVANHOE that has a scene where the Jester is used to make mockery about the Saxon and Norman political rift during the rule of Prince John while Richard the Lionheart is away. He basically slams both sides and calls them fools but is allowed to do so because he is the fool or jester and is expected to do so in his role as the trickster.


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                              If I knew what I know now I wouldnt have run but when your 15 and something comes walking through the river towards you but there's simply no physical form you or garden lights being lifted out of the ground and moving towards you that one was weird was beside a lake again whilst with 2 mates on motorbikes at 12pm. I haven't told them what found out because they don't even think there are such things as magick or deities, although they all remember the events like they were yesterday.. hel has come to me in a dark grey cloak with silvery twinkling skin, in a dress made of glass when she's angry with me, and as a young woman. I guess there could be plenty of people that have intense relationships with their deities and had things weird stuff happen to and just not realise what's going on... at the time we all just thought it was ghosts..I can also assure people that if she takes hold of human skin it burns like fire leaving blisters that last for months.
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