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  • My mother is a German and though the ones on my German side of the family claim to be "Lutheran".....they do very witchy things and have strong psychic abilities that they like to downplay for the sake of not seeming crazy.
    My father is from Haiti and the majority of the family is "Catholic"....but once again, there were those in the family lineage who practiced Voodoo.

    I've got the magic in's just not spoken about or written in our history as boldly as others.
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    • Im not sure. While I know my family (mothers side) had some phychic abilities I dont think they every practiced witchcraft.
      For some reason Im strongly drawn to it yet I havent practiced it thus far.


      • My grandmother always struck me as a Witch, not something I would dare to have said to her though. She was very Christian and Witchcraft was "evil". Had she really known what it was, I think she may have really clicked with it.

        Other than that, I have seen no signs from my fathers side. All pretty Christian anything other is bad types.

        My mothers mother was Native American, Apache and still honored the spirits. She was never allowed to talk to it and I didn't know until after she died. I wish I had known before hand.

        For the most part, no, however it is starting now, with me and my children.


        • My mother had the ability to speak with what I think was her spirit guide when she was younger, so psychic abilities do run in the family. I had a past life memory few years back which is why I got involved in witchcraft in the first place. (I was a sorceress in my last life.)
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          • All of my family on both sides were christian. the most extreme I found was agnostic LOL. I'm the first witch in my family