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    Originally posted by sublimelight View Post
    Ok so at the risk of being an oddball i checked the usual for me dreams, astral, auras, telepath, clairaudience and clairvoince,channeling. but I am wondering how many of us can see true faces? I know i cannot be the only one out here but it kinda freaks me out. What really freaked me out is when i saw that movie. what was the name of it?..... constantine thats what it is. ok so you know how he sees the true faces of the half demons? I want to find out what that is called cause i cant find it anywhere and when i saw that movie i jumped out of my seat! By no means is everyone i see a demon or anything, but more often i see other faces blended with thiers. My best friends father passed away and her father is almost always with her. I never saw a picture of him or met him but when i described the face i saw overlapping hers down to a scar she exclaimed that it was him. does any one know what I am talking about or maybe i am an oddball?
    That sounds like Clairvoyance.

    Clairvoyant (clear vision) - To see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes or stimulation. To reach into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive "within the mind's eye" something existing in that realm.

    Check this thread for more information on various psychic abilities...
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      I ticked Clairsentience-as I'm an Empath.

      Also; I'm pretty sure that I could develop a lot of the rest aswell-if I really worked on them.

      As soon as I'm ready, I'm going to go for it. :hahugh:
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        I am glad that somany of you have such abilities i offen feel so alone.

        I can do astral Projection can feel Auras can talk to all sorts of spirits Fairies Dragons Angels Ghost spirits of natural Things and all sorts im empathic, clairvoyant can channel, can talk to animals or rather communicat with animals.

        And sometimes thigns happen to me that could be telekinesis. Also i can look what someone other is doing , feeling or thinking allthough not word by word.

        And i dont know where it belongs but when i see a Tarot Card i know what it means personally for me.

        Greetings Lhiya


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          I think I have gifts (I've been told I do and need to develop them) but I have no idea what they would be called, so I don't know how to look them up...
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            Originally posted by Clair de la Lune View Post
            I think I have gifts (I've been told I do and need to develop them) but I have no idea what they would be called, so I don't know how to look them up...
            There is a list of various abilities in the poll at the top of the thread. You could start by doing a google or web search for each of those and see if any of them seem to fit what you've experienced.
            If you make a customer happy, he'll tell 3 other people.
            If he's not happy, he'll tell 20 others.


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              Bumping this for any new members or anyone else who would like to reply...
              Originally posted by Lilith Morgaine View Post
              I was thinking about it and wondering how many MWers have psychic abilities and what different types. When did they come to you? Can you control them at all? I've been told by other psychics that I have them, but have a difficult time developing them.

              I'd like to hear what everyone has to say.....
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