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Online classes for Intuition...for free?!?

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  • Online classes for Intuition...for free?!?

    Hi folks,

    I was just messaging on another site where a person was looking for exercises to strengthen their intuition and I found these sites that offered free classes:

    I know, I know....more often than not these type of sites end up trying to sell you stuff or who knows what else. I have engaged in resources like this before and had a lot of fun though. Coursera, for example, has tons of free courses and I am just the nerd to take advantage of it. Mindvalley is the second link up there, which is definitely legit, though 99% of their classes are fee-based.

    Has anyone else used these resources or found some fun ones that offer a few pearls of wisdom regarding intuition, witchcraft, or any other pagan ponderings that they want to pass along? Even if they don't offer a whole bunch of new knowledge, it is interesting to re-engage with familiar material while interacting with like-minded individuals.

    Hope everyone is having a great week