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    Hello. I have had some unusual things happen to me over the past few years and it seems as I get older the strange happenings happen more. A few of my friends have told me that when I touch them they immediately feel better. Also, someone I knew was in terrible pain and wanted to go to the hospital and begged me to help them, I just sort of reacted to the situation and in a way meditated and had my hands placed over but not touching where the pain was coming from. The person immediately looked at me funny and told me that the pain was receeding as this warmth spread from where my hands were. Afterwards he had never felt so good in such a long time. There have been a couple other times like this one and everyday I seem to feel the energy coming off of others, whether it is good or bad, and being around too many people at one time feels draining. I seem to feel others sickness or pain to an extent, mostly just those I am really close to emotionally. When I explained all of this to a good friend who follows the Druid beliefs he told me it was empathetic magic. I respect my friend greatly and the information and advice he gives but have been unable to find out more about this magic, and he does not know very much about it. If anyone could possibly help me out to know if I am just making all this up in my head or if I truly do have this magic in me I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if it is a part of me, how can I improve its strength or 'get more in touch' with it. I hope I did not insult anyone with this post, if so, my deepest appologies.