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Are Empaths a product of their life or are We born that way ?

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    I think, that with all other skills everyone is born with the ability ::to some extent:: So of course some may suck at it, while others are really really good. But with some practice i think most people can be empathetic on somelevel...that level is probably determined by there inherent ability. and i'm sure that environment plays a part in it, if it was one where the ability was enourage they might have an easier time of things, on the other hand if it was not encouraged, or actively supressed i think they might have a harder time.
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      Well in my opinion, I believe everyone is born with some aspect of it. I really think it is the enviroment that makes it stronger or weaker, our own path that we take, that will change it.

      Originally posted by Lady Avalon
      FYI: There are three ways in which Spirit communicates with us. 1. Clairvoyance: clair means clear and voyance means to see. Clear seeing. 2. Clairaudiance: Clear hearing. 3. Clairsentience: Clear feeling.
      One question, I have the ability to feel people's emotions (Clairsentience). I also can take on people's pain, which sometimes I think it isn't a gift. My boyfriend likes to share his headahces with me, and I'm telling you some are a trip and a half. I have also taken pain away from a friend of mine so she could rest, and I don't even try? Would that all be lumped under Clairsentience also? I am kinda lost when it comes to putting words to things, usualy just gone with what I felt without putting a lable on it lol
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        Originally posted by Shalaye Sabariego
        I have been doing alot of thining about this and wondered what everyone at MW's views are on this subject. Do You think empaths are a product of the life they live or were they born this way? Some of the things that happened as I was growing up have made me wonder if it is a product of what happened to us along the way.I do recall being like this at a very young age though.
        I think everyone has the talent to become an empath but it's whether they decide to use it or not that matters.

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          Roger dodger, I think we're born with it, but perhaps not everyone. Just like some can dance and others can cook, so can one feel empathy. i remember getting "jolts" of insight at a very young age. But then it all went away until recently when a random woman walked by and bang! I was feeling stuff and getting stuff that wasn't mine. Nothing was repressed or nurtured, so why did it go away and then come back? Who knows, who cares, I have to deal with it either way.
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            Originally posted by Sister of the Wind
            I think everyone has the talent to become an empath but it's whether they decide to use it or not that matters.

            -Luv, Sis
            Hugs!! There was a time I tried to run from this,turn it off ,fight it,act like it wasn't happening etc. In the last 7 years ,I began relaxing and just letting what happens happen. If I get a glimpse of something that can help someone I try to find a way to inform them.People that are close to me know that 99% of the time if I warn them about something its for good cause and They seem to respect me enough to adhere to the warning. A few have come back and said wow how did You know that something was going to happen today? etc.I wanna share something that I think is a bit humorous. I put in a previous post that I was not strong in the clairaudiance area. Why on earth did I do that?? Only the Godess has a clue I do not. All day long today I have had example over example that I do posess this talent too and somewhat decent at it.Perhaps I was trying to convince myself that I didn't posess this gift,only to have it pointed out to me blatantly that indeed I do.
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              I've been thinking about this...
              I believe that all my past lives have brought me to this life, the way I am, the way I feel, the way i see, and feel things.
              Step by step, understanding by understanding, lesson by lesson...

              Yes, all my life my feelings have been able to feel other's besides my own self.

              Heck, tiny babies do it all the time!

              It is possible to feel what someone else is feeling, even if they are miles away from you. (at least I've had this type of experience, can not speak for any other than myself...)

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                O.K. Folks here first is the problem: What exactly is an EMPATH. An Empath is an EMOTIONAL TELEPATH, that is to say someone who can read either through body language or actual forms of psychic ability the psycho-emotional or physical state of a person/animal on an emotional level. At times this type of 'telepath' or 'mind reader' can aid in the healing of this person physically by affecting the emotional state of that person. Anything else-reading body language or 'just knowing what is going on in thier life is a form of clairevoyance. Being an empath is not empathy in the lingusitic sense, it is more akin to a form of paychic healing ability. Being a true Empath is rare.
                Empathy is the ability to extend one's own psychic and emotional abilities into the state of the other person and understand more clearly where this person's mindset is coming from. Mathematically empathy is the ability to compare the psycho-emotional state of one person to yourself and find the analog or situation similar to that person. You are not a true Empath if you cannot reach into the injuries a person or animal has and aid in the swift healing of those physical and psychic injuries.
                Being an Empath is difficult to identify precisely because psychic healing is very similar. The two work on different areas though. Psychic healing can be used to manipulate the energy matrix around a living body and focus that energy into affecting the form and shape of the energy field within the body. In other words, One is not an Empath if one can reach into the energies of the brain and stop or slow-carefully, epileptic-syle siezures. One is an Empath if one can reach into the mind-energy of a child molester, find the emotional scars and trauma of what created that molestation emotional/mental mindset and correct it through a kind of shared experiencing of that trauma. However, being an Empath is an emotional experience and so a concious will to correct this-as in reaching in and finding the correct switches or altering memory forms by will is not in that realm of possibility. As an Empath you can aid in the manner of finding the needed energy and thought forms-on an emotional basis to aide someone in healing themselves, but you are a conduit to the cosmic if you will, on an emotional level, not a trigger or magic bullet to a cure.
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