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Remote Viewing--locating lost objects

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  • Remote Viewing--locating lost objects

    Have any of you had experiences with this?

    I found a hammer once for my hubby this way, and he was amazed. I tried it again for 4 other complete strangers, and over the net no less, and 3 out of 4 came back a direct hit!! I am waiting to see if the last one comes in.

    Have I stumbled upon a gift I did not know I had?

    Here is what I do/have done.

    First I close my eyes and relax, taking a few good breaths in. I then concentrate on the person that has lost the object and the thing that is lost. Next I focus on the object, just picking up on the energies, I guess. I then wait for the picture to appear in my my mind. I usually see the object and the things surrounding it. I describe the surroundings to the person and what I see.

    For the last 4 times I have tried this, 3 things have been found exactly as I saw it in my mind. To me, that is a pretty strange statistics. I am wiered out by this and excited at the same time. I am waiting to be wrong or stumpped and to find out it is just my imagination, but it has been working too well lately.

    It is so cool to have helped people, some total strangers.

    Has anyone else done this too?

    Also, can this technique, since it obviously works for me, possibly be developed into other things I am not really currently good at, such as medium practice/spirit contact?

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    I believe this is a type of Psychometry, in which you can find lost objects. And in some cases Psychics can help find lost people. I would venture to guess that these are similar gifts.

    I don't know too much about Psychometry, but I recently found a book that teaches how to do it. So far, it's been an interesting read... I will report more about it, once I've read the whole thing.