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Psychic Abilities: The Familiar Ones

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    Originally posted by trueseeker View Post
    Kaliel,I'm freaking out here,but THANK YOU!You just made me discover about myself with your post,I have some of this manifested throughout my existance,but I did not know how to call it.Thank you!!This is based on events where I had this manifest unconsciously,and natural like breathing..If anyone is there to help me through this I'll be grateful.Who has experience with the below abilitities?

    Telepathy: The ability to read and hear one's thoughts.(I may have this,manifested not so much as empathy)

    Empathy: The ability to feel another's emotions whether they are close to you in proximity or miles and miles away. (I have this 4 sure)

    Astral Projection: The ability to project yourself into the astral realm.( I had this involuntarily a couple of times)

    Astral Travel: The ability to project yourself into another realm.(4 times,dream state)

    OBE: The ability to leave your body completely an travel or teleport to another realm or astral realm.(Had this for sure 4-6 -7 times,dream state

    Channeling: The ability to allow another being to possess the same mental functions and brain as yours. Also, the ability to give up control of the brain and body to another being.(totally afraid of this,so I hope I don't have it,but being so sensible I could.Right?)

    Medium: The ability to sense and speak with ghosts and the ability to connect people with those they have lost. ( 0 for real,freaks me out)

    Clairvoyance: The ability to see that which cannot be seen by the human eye. can't say no or yes

    Clairaudience: The ability to see that which canot be heard by the human ear. can't say no or yes

    Clairsentience: The ability to feel that which the skin cannot feel.( yes)

    Clairgustance: The ability to taste that which cannot be tasted by the mouth. (Definitly YES,I love to taste colour) and other things smelless for other people,it happens frequently to me

    Clairtangency: The ability to touch that which cannot be touched by the human body. not sure if yes or no

    Clairscent/Clairaroma: The ability to smell that which cannot be smelled by the nose. Definitly YES

    Read Auras: The ability to see and read one's aura for emotion and/or color.
    hardly,is there a technique?

    Remote Viewing: The ability to see present time occurrances at a remote location. yes,I wish I could ) Could I?I miss someone far away...

    Lie Detection: The ability to know when someone is lying. yes,to a degree connected to intuition

    Premonition: The ability to see future events before they happen. YES!I had experiences

    Precognition: The ability to see past events as though they were occurring in present time, yes,but in form of emotion waves

    Psychometry: The ability to touch and item and see its origins, past owners and history. not sure

    Thaumaturgy: The ability to perform miracles with supernatural assistance. maybe

    Divination: The ability to read one using a tool of divination. just a beginner here,better with runes,they are friendly,I find them not so scary as tarot,but I'll try to make friends with that too,I already have my first deck.

    Intuition: The ability to feel omens, luck and karma. YES!Strong one.Maybe due to my birth sign it's more strong.

    Zodiac Vision: The ability to read one's stars. (Also called an Astrologer.)I wish.. can anyone teach me?

    Psycho Projection: The Ability to project yourself into one's past to see the events as third person. Can be used to see your own past as third person. hopefully I will learn,currently no

    Muse: Read a person and know what they want to hear. maybe,yes...

    So please help me devise my some excercise to figure out the rest that is foggy and unexperienced.thank you.warm hugs.
    What you describe sounds more like synesthesia than clairgustience. Read about it here.
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      Wow,thanks Lunacie...but for me is more intense ,and has a sort of passion...

      I am like reversed when I see colors I hear music..and I taste it..Also when i see colours,I hear music..I see an image ..for me it's not only an image it's a song..many times i sing it and people say I'm a composer ) I could never tell any body is such a relief that I can do it now..and that I am not a freak and alone ) THANK YOU!!
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        Originally posted by Lunacie View Post
        Yes, I'd say I'm most often ClairCognizent as well, but I have had some ClairAlience events. That's a new term for me, and even though I've had experience with it, I hadn't heard that term before.

        I've had it happen to me once, years ago, and it sent me racing through my house like mad-woman sniffing the air in every room, looking for the source of the scent, which I did not find, of course, nor did I expect to find anything. I believe it was a scent associated with my teacher, on the inner planes. During that time period, I was having other contact events, and this was one of them.

        The experience was interesting from an observational point of view. The sense of smell is such a basic sense.

        - fj

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          I can relate to 6 plus one:

          Clairvoyance: The ability to see that which cannot be seen by the human eye.

          I have been able to see things that others wouldn't normally see- presences- apparitions- shadows- figures of various sorts and figures of oppositional forces.

          Clairaudience: The ability to hear that which cannot be heard by the human ear.

          I can- with full focus and fine tuning- hear voices from the other side and or from other realms of the supernatural dimension. I use such more so for being helpful in regards to finding answers. I tend to have a small handful of unseen respondents.

          Clairtangency: The ability to touch that which cannot be touched by the human body.

          If anything- I can feel the touch of unseen presences. The laying of unseen hands on my head sometimes and I can recieve physical responses in answers to questions. My respondents will answer yes- no and or maybe questions in such a way. Goose bumps and hair standing on end- not easy to get used to.

          Empathy: The ability to feel another's emotions whether they are close to you in proximity or miles and miles away.

          More often than not- I can tell when a family member or a friend is having an emotional day and I can also tell through online and or phone connections as well. The bonds between others and me are very strong and emit energy levels just high enough for me to sense.

          Premonition: The ability to see future events before they happen.

          More often than not my premonitions happen in short vision form and or dream-scape- sometimes certain things that come up in conversations become trigger points- Deja Vu happens to me just about the same way.

          Lie Detection: The ability to know when someone is lying.

          Being a mother of 2 kids- 2 and 10- plus knowing that eyes are the windows to the soul- I can definitely tell when someone is lying. The senses I get through looking someone in the eyes and hearing key picthes in voice tones- I'm quite good at telling when someone is lying to me. Reading them is still a work in progress how ever instincts cover that base until I can tune the rest in- in full.

          Then there is Discernment:

          I am continually aware of anything and everything at just about any given point in time with extremely intuitive instincts. With positive forthcomings- I am generally happy and in a good mood for 3 days before the positive event occurs. With a negative event looking to unfold- I am extremely tired- a little moody and somewhat touchy about various things for 3 days before the unpleasant event unfolds. Suffice it to say- for a week at a stretch with some events- especially very unpleasant worldy events- I was very un-nerved.

          At most important of times I enjoy using my gifts and I do my best to share what ever it is I come across. When things aren't as important or seem a little on the mundane side- I will- more often than not consider them a bit of a nuscience.

          Either way I have been working on tuning them for the last 8 to 9 years or so now as mine were blessed spiritual gifts and I hope if anything that the progress that I have made along with the insight that I have shared during that time has been beneficial to all who have needed the support.

          It was nice to use them for my own household every now and then- but it's a little more exhilarating to share them with others.

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            I've had experience with Clairaudience, Telekenesis, and lots of divination

            With my clairaudience, I hear something telling me to say things to people or messages for myself, i don't have to 'tune in' particularly hard, just enough to be focused and concentrating.

            Telekenesis, I sometimes just look at things and imagine a scenario and it happens, don't know if this particular experience counts, but i imagined a girl i didn't really like being pooed on by a bird and it happened, that could just be a coincidence,

            Divination, a common and frequent one, doesn't really need explaining


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              Would this be considered remote viewing?:

              I read an obituary (years back) regarding the death of an actor's wife. While reading the plain vanilla obit., which mentioned nothing of how she died, I was overwhelmed with a flash flood of information regarding a friend of mine, during a specific time period. (I will go into more detail soon). I have been able to confirm some of what I thought to be the case with the deceased wife. Not much, tho.
              I have always referred to it as 'the other dimensional warehouse' of human knowledge...anything that has been known by man (mankind, humankind), that will be known, is there to draw from if you know how to interpret the information. Jung calls it the collective unconscious, I believe.

     do the folks here recommend I go about verifying that which is not available to confirm?

              the obituary (names omitted) is below, in italic:
              Tumbler Ridge News — xxxxxx’s passing occurred on November 12th in Los Angeles, Calif. at the age of 37. She was born in Fredericton, N.B. and moved with her family to Calgary, AB. at the age of seven years. She attended xxxxxx High School. She lived and worked in Calgary until her marriage to xxxxxx in Los Angeles in the year 2001. She resided there until her tragic death. While living in LA she owned and operated a successful dog walking business and was always accompanied by her faithful four-legged friend and companion, Beulah. xxxx came to Tumbler Ridge to visit her mom and step-dad, xxxxx and xxxxx, on three separate occasions. She had just recently spent the month of October here. She loved the sense of community we enjoy in Tumbler Ridge along with the clean, fresh air.

              A beautiful memorial service was held in Los Angeles on November 19th. Her remains will be interred at the Rockyview Garden of Peace in Calgary, AB.
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                Of the list you made, the following I possess: Empathy, Astral Projection, Astral Travel, OBE, Medium, Clairvoyance, Lie Detection, Precognition, Divination, and Intuition.


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                  I cannot remember the names but aren't there also a few that deal with connection to or manipulation of elements?


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                    Looked at your list, I was wondering if you were familiar with Claircognizance? It's very natural and difficult to explain other than "Information is downloaded into my brain." I did however look it up and found that this site helps explain it better than I could.


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                      I've experience Clairscent before, and I think I can vouch for it not being synaesthesia as I experienced it with a friend as well, it appeared suddenly, no one else reacted to the exact spot it was at and it happened again some weeks later in the same spot, with the same smell etc.

                      Hmmm would this be a form of Claircognizance? I find myself differentiating between dream types, one of these dream types is what I've been calling 'information dreams', whereby, I obtain information about someone or someone's situation (I've confirmed this with the people where possible).


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                        Ok so if empathy is emotions than what is the ability to feel another's physical pain? I can tell when my friends have hurt themselves or are having a headache any pain really, even emotional pain. I can be miles apart and tell what has happened to them without them telling me.
                        I want to learn, I want to expand, I want to internalize

                        I am trying to learn to read Tarot but haven't found people willing to let me read them. Suggestions?


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                          Love this list!!
                          Tree Forest