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Is my house cursed?

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  • Is my house cursed?

    Since we bought our place in 2004, we have had one problem after another - not just the usual wear and tear that you might expect. So, my question is, is my house cursed?

    As far as I have been able to find out, no one who has ever lived here has been happy (I can totally empathise with that) and, at times, it feels as though this house hates us. Is this possible? It feels as though every time we sort out one problem, another comes up or maybe two or three. We are both so very tired and depressed and really don't know what else to try. I have done cleansings but nothing seems to help. Any advice?

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    OK.. 1st what type of cleansing have you done? Maybe another version might "hit" that one spot that's being stubborn. Maybe "its" sick have you ever dowsed with rods before? I know I dowsed my room and found unhealthy energy under our bed and once we moved the bed it helped a BUNCH.

    Also, look at maybe putting some crystals within each room, buried around the house etc, and if those don't work maybehave a priest come bless it? Actually you can make Holy water and wash floors/mist with it if you wanted to.

    Also might want to research the land area. The trailer park I grew up in at one time was indian land and we actually had a grave on our lot! And oh did we have the hauntings.....shudders...

    I know it probably sounds silly but just as soon as I opened your post even before I could finish 1st sentence it just struck me that it is sick.... shakes head.. never mind me I'm sitting here talking to my cats watching my lil dolly for movement...Oye Vie! LOL

    Wandering off to see what I can find for house blessings......
    [SIGPIC] Kim