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    I'm not sure what's going on in my apartment. I've lived here for about five years and occasionally had activity flair ups, nothing major. My toddler saying she saw things, an oppressive feeling, witch bottles turning black. But in the past month or so, things have gotten a lot worse.

    First, I was in my room digging around under my bed and felt what I thought was my cat brushing up against me but I didn't turn to look at him. When I came out into the living room, my cat was actually sleeping in a chair and was passed out as if he'd been there for a while- so it couldn't have been him.

    Secondly, twice now I've woken up with severe injuries to my leg. First was two, jagged claw marks down my leg that bled and are refusing to heal like normal. My cat is front declawed, it couldn't have been him and he doesn't have a propensity for attacking me in my sleep.

    Then, this morning, I woke up because my leg BURNED. It hurt so bad, even my pajama pants on my leg hurt. I pulled up my pant leg and there is a gouge in my leg about an inch long and a circular bruise forming around it. That wasn't there last night. I didn't bump my leg on anything, it's on the inside of my thigh. As I'm sitting here the bruise is growing darker, almost purple now.

    When I went to go look for my sage, I couldn't find it in it's usual spot where I keep it hidden. I found it crammed under the drawer. Also, my cat who normally claims my bedroom as his own, won't even go in there and he's agitated.

    Any advice or suggestions as to what the heck this thing is in my house or what I can do is appreciate. (I did a cleanse with white sage and sweet grass this morning and redid my witch bottles)
    ~Look Beneath the Skin~

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    This is your first post here. I think we'd need to know a bit more about you and your history before being able to give any meaningful suggestions.
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