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Vampires: the Celtic Connection

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  • Vampires: the Celtic Connection

    link to an interesting article which I found through The Daily Grail website
    quiet comfort. non time inesperatum

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    Thanks for the interesting article .


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        Cool. But I'm not really surprised. The history of the Celts goes all the way back to India.

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        I can see widows and orphans through my tears
        I know my call despite my faults
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        On the noose around your neck

        And I'll find strength in pain
        And I will change my ways
        I'll know my name as it's called again
        ~ Mumford and Sons (The Cave)

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          I don't know... it sounds like they're making a number of leaps to me.
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            I can totally believe that. Its makes perfect sense. Did you know that Ireland is named the Lands of Wolves, meaning that werewolves roamed the lands for centuries.
            And if you hadn't noticed, in the Underworld movies, even though the movies are set in Hungary, their are alot of celtic designs on their clothing, coffins, lucians necklace (key to williams tomb), etc.
            And anyways...Ireland is the best! Such rich history!
            Im proud to be 1/2 Celtic.


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              Yea, really nice. The 4000y don't surprise me at all, its not that they had super civilizations :D
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                Thats a cool article.