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Giant Fly?

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  • Giant Fly?

    Like over 6 inches long? It landed on me when I was at my cousin's house when I was little. Anyone know of such a thing?

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    No, but EWWW!
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      I saw one of these the other day! I didn't know flies could get that big!



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        It's possible that it was a large locust that you mistook for a large fly. On the other hand, there are flies in Florida, Tabanus americanus, that measure 34 mm long (4 in.).

        Who knows? What with all of the crazy environmental things going on, perhaps it decided to fly its' way up north. *shrugs*


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          We get them in Ontario in the heat of summer, especially at the barn. They do bite (nasty things) and go after horses and livestock. I've seen them about 3 inches or so long. They aren't really strange, just big, nasty, biting flies (they take chunks out of cow flesh - cringe).
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            At first I thought horse fly. We get so many around here, and one flew into the window at work. I was freaking out and the boss just laughed >_<
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