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Disappearing Birds

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  • Disappearing Birds

    When I was in the UK a couple of years back, my cousin and I were tromping up to a Celtic hill fort in Scotland (the same hill fort where I took the photographs of the spirits/faeries/whatevers they were).

    There was a grove of trees at the foot of the hill (if I can find the CDs, I'll post some pictures), and on our way up it was all alive with what appeared to be crows (or something of the sort). The noise was really loud, you could hear it from quite a distance away (they were messing around, causing general noise, and making a lot of vocal racket as well). They continued this as we passed by the grove

    Well, we got to the top of the hill and sat around/walked around a bit. The birds would fly out of the grove, swoop around, and return to it.
    The whole time they were in flight each time, they were making a lot of noise.
    On our way back down, we noticed it was really quiet.
    As I love groves of trees, I was looking at the grove quite a bit as we were walking.
    As we started to pass by it, we noticed it was empty. No birds in the sky, no birds in the grove, no birds on the ground. No sound coming from the nearby forest.
    Now, these birds made a lot of noise no matter where they were or what they were doing the whole time we were out there.

    The flock was so large, it would have been difficult to miss it flying over the road to the forest beyond, especially considering we were somewhat elevated above it most of the trip down the hill, and otherwise were close to the grove when at the foot.

    Anyway, I never gave a lot of thought to it until recently.

    It's only been with my delving into faerie (kekeke..preeetty spelling) lore and other mythologies that I've given it more thought.

    Any thoughts?
    The miracle is not to walk on water.
    The miracle is to walk on the green earth
    in the present moment,
    to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now.
    -Thich Nhat Hanh

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    Strange.I know how you feel because Ive experienced strange things too but dont you think it could be a weird coincedence? Think about that.But I agree its very strange.Something could be happening there in that spot.Maybe its some kind of magnet for other planes where Faeries and other dimensional creatures go and sometimes cross in to our plane and can suddenly disappear.I dont know what do think? Ive heard of disappearing phantom planes too:

    People would be driving on the road and casually they look in their rearveiw mirror after hearing a noise and suddenly they see the biggest plane on its wheels behind them they look back startled and shooken up and it disappears instantly.Imagine that :vanish:
    "You're my Father, I recognize you but I dont know who you are.Its like you're a stranger..."

    ~You plan to understand us, but how will you acheive this when we will never understand you?

    ~ -Light_Fairy- ~