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    My theory is that these exist but in other planes and sometimes depending on the time of year or just your natural ability you step between worlds for a minute and are able to see them.
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      Chupacabras are pretty cool.


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        Originally posted by FaerieGothMommy View Post
        Great poll!

        I voted for Loch Ness monster, just because theres so many reportings and even photos, and i've always found it interesting to read about.
        But i also think Mothman is extremley interesting, i'd like to learn more about the mothman.
        Mothman is a rogue spirit of someone's cartoon character who has gone spare and roams about the time-space continuum frightening the hell out of people. Given that he looks more like a "super-owl" I suspect he is the product of some feverish imagination in recent years than an ancient deity.

        Most of the others are possibly homesick spirits who passed over years ago or even millennia ago and never reincarnated; Nessie certainly is as she couldn't have existed so long without there having been a breeding colony and obvious evidence of her existence apart from a few sightings of her shadowy form in the depths of photographs. I have never been into wandering about looking for clues on the shores of Loch Ness, they would assume I'm up to something else BUT I know people who do investigate things like UFOs and so on once they switch on and find out what they really are.
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          Originally posted by HedwigHarfang View Post
          Mothman is a rogue spirit of someone's cartoon character who has gone spare and roams about the time-space continuum frightening the hell out of people. Given that he looks more like a "super-owl" I suspect he is the product of some feverish imagination in recent years than an ancient deity.
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            i chose 'other' since i find all of them fascinating. i've always been interested in cryptozoology and have often wondered what it would be like to study and try to prove/disprove the existance of cryptids and figure out what animals mythological creatures came from.
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              Nessie has always fascinated me...I'd love to go to Scottland sometime to watch for her...
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                My favorite has to be the Thylacine, because it's the only one that has a pretty legitimate chance of being found. We know that they existed in the past, and there's a chance that they exist to this day but are hard to find.

                Even revered biologists and scientists have accepted the slim chance of there being a small group of them left in Tasmania. There are sightings all the time, of them.

                I love tazzie tigers.
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                  I voted other because I couldn't choose just one. My first one was Nessie but after I started learning about all the others then it just grew and I couldn't pick after that.
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                    I voted Nessie because it's the closes to where I live, only several hundred miles, and I like pleisiosaurs!


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                      Nessie and the thunderbird!
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                        Originally posted by Laisrean View Post
                        I think my favorite one is Mothman because it seems to be a supernatural creature.
                        All the weird stuff is interrelated, cryptids, UFOs, ghosts etc. For example, while Bigfoot is usually assumed to be an ordinary (albeit rare) animal, it's been reported a number of times with aliens, sometimes as research material along with humans, and sometimes being used apparently as slave labor. In addition, if Bigfoot and the Yeti are related, then another member of the family would be the Wild Man of the Wood AKA the Green Man of Celtic and Medieval art.

                        Aliens and elves are nearly interchangeable. Reports of one are easily mistaken for the other. The famous Night Under the Hill story (exemplified by the tale of Rip Van Winkle) is common to many cultures. An overnight stay in the Faerie lands that lasts a hundred years, is exactly what you'd expect to happen in a UFO traveling at time-dilating relativistic speeds. As for old Rip, himself, the Washington Irving story claimed that the little men weren't aliens or elves, but ghosts. Specifically, the spirits of Henry Hudson's crew.


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                          I voted Yeti. This is not only because I'm fascinated by large mysterious beasts unknown to science, but also because of the fun I've had on computer games. In "Quake" for instance, there was a Yeti type monster on there. There are also similar creatures in the game "Rune".
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                            NESSIE! I would give my right arm to see Nessie. Preferably not literally - i wouldn't want Nessie to actually rip off my right arm.

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                              Chupacabra has my vote! Goat sucker FTW!

                              And why no Mothman?!? I went to school just across the river from Point Pleasant WV, Mothman has a statue downtown! How many other creatures can claim that?!?!

                              (Well actually most of them, but that's not the point!) :bigblue:

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