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How do you connect with ghosts you *want* to see?

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    Here's a link to the idea of the Spirit Spouse figurine that I was talking about. Granted this one is inspired by an African tradition but the idea of the Spirit Spouse and ways of presenting it is found in multiple cultures. katywinter this might be a way to either contact the spirit of your departed love or keep the union of that notion of him being your true love and spouse alive in your heart and life.

    Will be honest I do not know if it would enshrine part of his spirit into any statuary piece or enshrine the memory of his presence as you see him into the statuary piece. Such a statuary piece is not a voudon type doll and has no such workings associated with it. Nor is it a typical poppet type doll which would be including material from the person or spell workings as part of its dressings. In many ways it would be closer to an ancestral representation and be enshrined as such, perhaps even be breathed into life such as one would do with a divinity statue but would be breathing your love for the person into it.


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      Not sure if this will apply to you but the though is sticking in my mind and this thread so will follow my guides and speak on it.

      You might come across the idea of a Spirit Keeper. Now if you do a google search on the term mostly what you'll find today deals with people who are talking about binding spirits to objects and keeping them. Sort of an Genie in the lamp type thing and many times dealing with Djinn's and such. In fact there is a whole trend and fad about it with people selling them and trading them. For a given price you can purchase nearly any type of creature.

      However that is not the type of Spirit Keeper I am referring to when I speak about Spirit Keeping. What I speak about is basically a psychopomp activity that is performed by a shaman or shamanic practitioner and is usually designed to aid the spirit of a person in releasing their attachments to the earth and earthly possessions. Many times it involves actually constructing a body for the deceased's spirit to inhabit or a spirit house that the spirit will inhabit while it comes to terms with its death and transition. The Spirit Keeper will often become a voice for the spirit and convey last requests to the living or give final messages that the spirit wishes to send. The Spirit Keeper may also function as the person who oversee's purification rituals, ceremonies, etc that aide the spirit to purify itself or provide services the Spirit believes it needs in order to be released. Sometimes the Spirit Keeper may be the singer of the Traveling Song for the deceased and be the herald to announce the deceased arrival and transition so that his / her ancestors come to meet the spirit and welcome him / her to the afterlife. They may be the guardian that sings the songs of protection and blessing that protects the spirit as it transitions towards the veil and keeps away the spirits that would tear at it and try to capture it. While it is pretty much unheard of now at one time the Spirit Keeper might be the one who arranged for a sin eater to take on the deceased's sins at the final meal or some such meal so the soul was clean when it went to the hereafter. The Spirit Keeper might also be the one to arrange the burial gifts that would be sent via the ritual ceremonies when the Spirit body was destroyed to release the last connection when the transition period was done and the escorting spirits were honored. Sort of tobacco for the landspirits type thing.

      In a number of cultures until those rites and such were done the spirit would be considered as restless dead. They would appear to the living, especially loved ones, but not as welcomed guests but more as haunting ghost. They basically haunted the family and caused trouble until they were given proper rites and rituals so they could lay at rest. The loved ones often could see and hear them but the spirit was in torment so the encounter was seldom pleasant. It was also believed that those tormented spirits could be trapped and enslaved via magical means and caused to do ones bidding. So families often went out of their way to make sure their loved ones were laid to rest with all honors due them.

      It is possible if your loved one is staying that much upon your mind he is trying to make you his Spirit Keeper in some capacity. To see his spirit taken care of and allowed to release. Not saying that is what is in fact happening just something that keeps coming up in my mind when I come back to this thread.