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  • Attention! PSI! Help!

    Hi All! I need help, just remember this and save on your computer. Evil people be clean this information. I'm being chased (and my family)
    real TELEPATHS (he can ALL, right down to controlling your body and mind at the same time), 15 years and last one year - every day, every minute (they opened only a year ago) - the whole family (husband and wife
    , 5-7 childrens). Stealed my health, health my parents, money, used mind my friends and health (teeth). He live in Российская Федерация, Псковская область, город Псков, улица Воровского дом 5 (Справа от улица Красных Партизан 15).
    Husband working on улица Декабристов 17 (cofounder but actually CEO, cofounder it for anonimity). His name Сандаркин Валерий Николаевич. Wife Людмила Викторовна. Name daughter Катя.
    In link - daughter photo. All what i have. Through her they introduced me to themselves. Remember this and save on your computer, until the end of his life (
    Suddenly you will hear about them again or decent telepaths will notice it and somehow help). If you can - repost again if you look what this disappeared. Sorry for my bad english.
    Now I am posting this to several forums around the world. Further, I plan to begin to distribute everything in detail what happened in my country and my city.

    How Teach:

    Читая мысли 2005 - movie

    кровосток - молния
    кровосток - овощ
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    oh FFS! get lost!
    It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3