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Before you ask for a chart reading - PLEASE READ THIS

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  • Before you ask for a chart reading - PLEASE READ THIS

    Because there has been some confusion over dates/times with having members all over the world, let's clear up the controversy right now!
    In order to have your birth chart (or other chart) cast and interpreted, the readers here need three things:

    1. Date of birth - please, please, spell out the month and day. (Example: December 3, 2005.) 12/3 means December 3rd or March 12th depending on who you talk to.

    2. Time of birth - please indicate if this is in 24 or 12-hour format. Example: 4:15am is clear to us, as is 16:15. (aka 4:15pm) But not 4:15 alone. We'll figure out what time zone that's in based on your birth location.

    3. Location of birth - city, state/province and country would be appreciated. It's okay if you want to give longitude/latitude data instead, but the prior method is preferred.

    It would also be preferred if you would put your request in a brand new thread, in the Chart Request subforum as us astrologers finish the chart and then are like, 'uh what thread was that in?'
    Thanks . . . and let the charting begin!

    Edit: please remember if you are requesting a chart for someone else, it's courteous to ask their permission first before sharing their personal data. If they're your child, think about how much you'd reveal about your child to strangers.
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    As a follow up to the basic information:

    There is a WIDE range of information that an astrologer can touch on in a chart reading. For me, it's very frustrating to see requests for chart readings that have no direction on where those requesting are asking us to look.

    I love to help, but I honestly don't have the 6 hours to put into each reading to figure out what the trigger is that is causing someone to ask, how they most likely would have reacted to past triggers based on the birth chart, and hope that what I'm touching on is what they REALLY want to know.

    Everyone who asks for a reading usually has a reason for requesting it, what's your reason?

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