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Who wants to be a chart reader?

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    Originally posted by scorpiochick77 View Post
    Owl...I wish you wouldn't go but if you must then go ahead. We appreciate your hard work in this least I know I do!

    Thank you again for helping me along with many others with our charts.

    Thank you for being my friend and please don't forget about ME...I'd be lost without YOU!!

    YOU are such a blessing to me!

    Originally posted by GreenEyes BlueSoul View Post
    Thanks for the time you put in. I don't know how you found the time between all you do here and running your own board.
    Thank you both for your thoughtful responses.

    Due to a life threatening illness I am conquering, I had to leave forawhile, and resign all of my positions here, with the exception of Forum Guide for Magic and Rituals.

    It was nothing against the community here. I love you guys...

    I just needed to take a hiatus for awhile. Plus, The Perch was getting a little crazy, as I was spending more time HERE, then there. LOL...

    But within a week, I should be OK, so I'm slowly returning, and I will resume my Chart Reader position when I return.

    I may even resume the Ritual Theory Class as well. SFS said she would archive it for me, when I decided to take it out, dust it off, and start over.

    I also need to start a new autobiography here, so ppl know that I'm the real thing. LOL...

    Gods bless to all of you.


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      Big Winter Solstice blessing to you. Please share here at whatever level energizes you, and feel our prayers for your happiness and healing. Shatril and I are attempting to make it easier - never burdensome - for astrologers to pop in and take a peak at scopes, discussions, and research. The more astrologers arrive, the lighter the work and more fantastically fun the play. You are wonderful and I am so glad you will be back soon. Thank you so much for all your service.

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        Thank you , RR.

        Next week, I'll be cathcin up on things, and plan to get back into action again.

        I'm at another forum now, where I'm the Moderator for an entire section of the SpriitualityForum, which includes all SORTS of subforums that I'm in charge of, so as soon as I get that back under control, so I should be OK, after that.

        I'll get some charts finished up there, and then hopruallyrutrn, andstatremeuming my Chart Reading Services herea as well, and I also have to Admin the Perch as well, and train the new Staff there.

        So it will be a very busy week for me,but I think I can manage it. As well as be the Forum Guide here for the Magic/Rituals forum. *whew!!!*

        It's alright, I'm a tough cookie I can handle of of it.

        Thanks for all your support.




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          This seems to be an old rather unused thread but I figured it was as good a place as any. While I'd hardly consider myself a professional I've been doing charts for myself, my man and our friends for a little while and (as I don't work or have anything else to do) been studying astrology like a mad woman lol.
          What I'd like to do now is practice as really that's the next step for me. How do I get myself added to the list of people who are willing to do interpretations? I've PMed a few ppl who've asked as there didn't seem to be any response to their posts and asked if they minded that I do one (explaining that I'm still a bit new at this). But I've been leery of replying to them in the forums as I wasn't sure that was "proper". Anyone?

          Following my path where it had lead. For those still wanting a chart interpretation you can go here.


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            I can be a planetary aspects reader if anyone needs one of them
            just Pm me
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            and also a writer for MW Magazine

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            Its your it as you like


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