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  • new member and chart request

    Hello all. I'm a new member here! *waves* I was wondering if anyone could do my chart for me please?

    Birthdate: November 22, 1987
    Birth time: 7:48 am
    Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia

    hopefully that's the right information. Thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to help. I'm glad to be in the community.

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    Welcoem to MW! I'm sorry you've had to wait so long for a chart. My attention has been elsewhere of late.

    The three points that most astrologers look at first are your sun, moon and rising sign. In your case, you have a Scorpio Sun and a Sagittarius Moon and ascendant (rising sign). This is an interesting combination in a lot of ways – Scorpio is water, fixed, passion, deep and determined. Sagittarius is fire, mutable, dispassionate and easily distracted. But both signs share a common habit of being direct, aloof and truthful to a fault. You are one who will tell it like it is (your Mercury is also in Scorpio) and your direct and honest attitude can often put people off, as they are simply not expecting such unequivocal honesty. You have much enthusiasm in your nature, but may find it difficult to harness that potential until you learn a little impulse control. You may be prone to temper outbursts, tactless phrasing or a very short temperament, especially when you are stressed and forced to act quickly. As you get old, you must find a way to balance your personal truths with their effects on others. Yes, you may think them oversensitive, but check your own attitude occasionally too. But you have such powerful emotional and principled energy that you should be able to achieve a lot in your life.

    Yours is a remarkable chart in that you have SIX planets in your first house. (And the rest clustered to one side, which is also not common. That tends to create hyper focus in some areas and distraction in others.) That house in astrology is considered to be one that deals with self-expression and planets here have a tendency to overpower normal ascendant signs. So let’s take a look here: Moon, Saturn, Pallas, Venus, Uranus and Neptune. Venus, Neptune and Moon are very sensitive to being placed near the ascendant, so I’ll start with them. When the ruler of Libra (Venus) is in the house of Aries (its opposite) it becomes very important to you that you make a good impression on other people and you are VERY sensitive to the reactions of other people, perhaps empathic even. Since Libra in your chart is on your 11th house of friends and groups, you work especially hard to be seen in a good light for those people in your life. You are not afraid of being the center of attention or making a scene if it becomes necessary, but only if it’s necessary. Being a born entertainer, there may be some desire for singing, art or acting, even if only on the inside. Several of the planets in your chart could indicate some inhibited behavior. Neptune and the Moon can cause some chameleon behavior from you – you take on others emotions, mannerisms and actions like they were your own. It’s sort of odd how these planets line up – Uranus seeks to be different, Venus to be admired for it, while Neptune seeks to erode those differences. Be aware that you have problems indicated here with creating boundaries, of the psychological kind. You may not know when to say no and have difficulty establishing yourself at first in relationships. You are very emotionally ruled – you fear failure and losing control, as indicated by Saturn. However, at the same time, you are very much an individual, almost eccentric at times. It is necessary for you to focus on your responsibility to yourself to bring this back into balance. There is a need to focus more on your identity and your sense of self. When you can truly answer the question, "Who am I?" you will have come far.

    Overall, with lone Jupiter in the 5th, you have an abundance of creative energy that you can harness energy to overcome anything you feel is out of balance. You rarely accept defeat, and can be counted on to come up with creative solutions to your problems.
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