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    i still havent gotton one yet, can someone please give me one?

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    Sorry you've had to wait so long. This forum has lost almost all it's chart readers of late. So without further ado . . .

    You have your Sun in Scorpio and the Moon rising, on your Virgo ascendant. You don’t miss much do you? You may seem objective and detached, but underneath you have strong emotionality that can’t be totally hidden away. You often will pour that passion into what you’re working on (especially if it involves research or investigation) instead of expressing it. Just be careful that you don’t miss the big picture because you’re so absorbed into the details. The flip side to this powerful combination of forceful will and a perceptive mind is you can be highly critical of those who don’t do things “the right way.” It is especially important for you to realize that there is more than one way to do things and that people do not appreciate harsh criticism, even if you mean well. You can still critique others (I’m not saying to let them slack off) but pause for a moment and apply those words to yourself before you speak them. If they would hurt your feelings, then it’s likely they would do so to another. You may have a few really close friends, but people do appreciate the fact that you are always willing to listen attentively and provide wise advice, though it may not be especially deep and sympathetic; you are not one to provide a shoulder to cry on.

    Pluto is a very powerful planet in your chart, so I’m going to focus on him for a moment. Not only does he rule the sign of your Sun (Scorpio) he also keeps a firm hand on the expression of all your other planets, through a phenomenon called “final disposition.” Without getting too technical, he basically sets the rules for your chart and everything in it. However he is intercepted (hidden in a sign) so this weakens his position slightly, but not much. He’s placed in your third house, which among other things rules communication, siblings and education. This placement gives a very deep mind and a tendency to penetrate deep into ideas (no dabbling for you – it’s either every book on a subject or none). There may have been some family difficulties, possibility due to the difference between your outlook and that of others (you see things that others miss) rather than a lack of nurturing. This tends to really be evident once adolescence comes along when we ALL tend to get very vehement about expressing ourselves and psychologically separating from our parents. Your may have had trouble as a result both in school and at home when you disagreed with others and couldn’t find a way to compromise on what you saw to be the Truth. As a result is very likely you felt a sense of not belonging to your family, your gender or your culture. It’s quite possible you moved/emigrated far from your place of birth. Mind that this alienated attitude doesn’t make things more difficult for you in the long run.

    Underneath a lot of your attitudes and beliefs therefore is a need to feel secure, which is also evidenced by your preponderance of planets in the 4th house. I’m looking especially at the square between Uranus and the Moon – did one of your parents perhaps have a drinking problem? Or perhaps there may have a little dependency issues going on here – one parent was out of control and other wouldn’t step in and stop the behavior. I could be way off here, but this is a big indicator of imbalances of parental behavior (especially a high-strung parent), so if you don’t resonate with the examples I gave, it’s possible that the difficulty exists elsewhere. Whatever else, there is a strong need for you to break through the childhood patterns that hold you back. You may have taken the very common path of embracing an unusual or eccentric lifestyle in the name of being your own person. This combination often produces authors, poets and fine artists. It is also evident in the charts of therapists and healers. Your mental and communicative abilities will largely be applied to your domestic and private life, and issues relating to home and family. Intellectual interests, further education and general studies are carried out within the home environment. It is probable that your work or career is also home-based.
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