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    Ok I'm really wondering becuase all the descriptions of my sign only cover about half of my nature. There are some major deversions and I think the reasnons might be hiding in my star moon signes and ect so I needs me a reading please

    DOB: January, 9th, 1985
    TOB: listed 12:45AM (but I get this feeling like its really 12:15AM for some reason)
    POB: Trenton, NJ, 08610
    Regular Sign: Capricorn
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    I took a look at your chart for both birth times to see what might have changed for you, so here goes: the only major change is that Jupiter moves form the 4th house to the 3rd house when I put your birth time at 00:15. Everything else stays in the same house and sign (obviously the AC and Moon move quite a few degrees, but not really very much.) So let’s focus on the difference that makes first and then I’ll let you decide which Jupiter sounds more like you.

    Jupiter in the 3rd – this is a person with a very strong intellect and way with words. They like and understand how to use big words. It’s likely that rather than studying one or two subjects in depth, you tend towards being a dabbler, mostly because you enjoy learning so much that you never want to stop expanding your mind.

    Jupiter in the 4th – this a much stronger position in that Jupiter is accidentally exalted by being placed in the house of Cancer. This tends to indicate a loving childhood and a trusting attitude. Your home life was likely liberal and supported self-discovery and exploration. This placing of Jupiter promises satisfactory, fortunate and peaceful domestic affairs, a successful home life and family surroundings. There is likely to be some gain or favor through your parents, possibly through land or possessions.

    Which one of these sounds most like you?

    Once I have a more accurate chart for you I'd be happy to help you figure out whay you're not "typical" of your signs.
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