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    ive had some major life upheavals recently and would really like my chart read to help me see any outcome or explanation. or a basic chart read in general would be much appreciated.
    thank you.

    birthday: june 6, 1984
    time of birth 10:13 am
    place: tullahoma, tn, usa

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    Transits transits, everyone has them. I realize that I'm late to the party, but better late than never.

    You've got a lot going on in your chart. And before I start, please keep in mind that the explanation for you will be the same for everyone else on the planet: things are happening because you need to grow and learn to use your god given energy better than you have in the past.

    First off, I suspect that the biggest thing that is bring about those major upheavels is transiting Saturn. When you posted this request, Transiting Saturn was sitting right on top of your Natal Moon.

    If you haven't actually seen your chart, I suggest you go to and have one drawn.

    Your Natal Moon is the apex of a configuration called a T-square, this is when two opposing planets are both square to a 3rd one. It can cause a lot of difficult situations if the native doesn't have a way of focusing the energy. When a transiting planet passes over the apex, it can trigger 'things' to happen.

    Now Saturn is also known as the 'Lord of Karma'. Transiting Saturn is known for either 'rewarding' you for doing a good job with the energy in your chart, or 'punishing' you for not doing a good job. You reap what you sow.

    Now back to that T-square. Your Moon is at the apex in Virgo, Sun at one side of the opposition in Gemini, and Uranus on the other side in Sag. These three are the rulers of your 12th, Asc and Dec. The configuration is very much going to effect how you relate to others!

    You naturally have a difficult time really expressing yourself. You want to be the fun and flighty Gemini, talk to everyone, be the social life of the party, but at the same time, you feel that there is something inherently wrong with you... like your broken. This is reinforced by the Natal Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 4th and the multiple Yods in your chart. Nothing feels RIGHT!

    Because of this, your emotions (Moon) are trying to play the mediator. You're trying to feel your way through things, but it still doesn't work. There is still this inherent conflict and now you just feel horrible on top of it. You stop trusting what you feel, try to think your way through things, but that doesn't always work.

    Now Saturn comes along and BAM, suddenly everything is worse than usually! It's probably been a huge blow to your sense of security and who you see yourself as. Talk about an identity crisis.

    What is it that you haven't been using to the best of your god given energy? Well, this same configuration can be powerful stuff if you don't get locked into the negitive cycle. There's great passion for helping other, high level of intellegence, being able to be passionate about everything that you do. But you HAVE to understand that, odds are, you may never feel confortable in your own skin, at least not the way that you think you should compared to other people that you see. You may always feel that you have to prove yourself, but you need to try to metally override this and know, really know, that you are good!

    Emotional planets, like the Moon, that are in Virgo have a tendicy of being 'late bloomers'. Usually around the time of the Saturn return that things really start to come together. You're still young. Consider this a time to learn. Take a step back, grab a pen and paper and write down everything in your life that has to do with

    1. What you think are characteristics that make you, you. Are you chatty? flighty? like to read? hold idealistic visions of how things should be?
    2. What you feel? What is your general mood? how do you feel about your work? boyfriend? your self?
    3. What makes you unique? how do you fit in your community? What condition is your home/apartment in?

    Be brutally honest with yourself! This is for you only. Share and discuss it with someone else ONLY if you want to. When you're done, look back over it. Is this really what you want your life to be like?

    Next make your self a plan, set goals! I say this because if Saturn is doing this to you now, you're going to have a diffucult Saturn return, which hits between 29-31. Remeber, you reap what you sow.

    As I said, you have a lot going on. I try to get online to actually help. If you'd like a little more direction, I'll be around. Best of luck

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      thank you.

      that helps alot actually. i knew it couldnt just be me that was being wonky, there had to be something out there interfering.