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Will trade chart reading for Tarot reading.

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  • Will trade chart reading for Tarot reading.

    My birth info is July, 15 1966, 3:15 am est Atlanta Georgia.
    My main focus is the folding green(money) ! Things have been beyond rough and I know they will change, but when ! I dont feel liike the rest of my life is going to be so hand to mouth (my own cards tell me this and have for a long while). I am a very experienced Tarot reader and would be willing to exchange what would be considered fair in such a case. Whether it be one question or three its entirely up to you and mayhap we could even do it live via Yahoo chat.--Many Blessings Britt

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    If you're looking for an answer to a specific question, Tarot is the way to go.

    Astrology readings are more like a map. You can see where the roads are and if you're good at it, where the hills and valleys are. But you won't be able to tell where all the trees and plants are, or what condition the road is in.

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