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  • Funkstar
    hi there, your moon and chiron are together which can mean some kind of wounded emotions, maybe in realtion to you mom. being in your 10th house of career, it may also mean you end up in some kinda healing profession.

    a couple of weeks ago there was a very long solar eclipse, the longest one for the rest of our lives, which mean its effects will last well into next year. this big solar eclipse was right on your AC, which is a very personal point, your personality, soul, physical body. along with the sun, the AC defines most strongly who you are. today there was a lunar eclipse right on your sun. double whammy! you will find that you may be the center of attention for a while now. this is a great time to discover who you really are.

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  • Moonlite Faery
    started a topic Chart Reading Please

    Chart Reading Please

    Here is my chart, its all gibberish to me but I would love if someone could decode it

    My Chart