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  • About my Day vs Birth Numerology

    A question that's been on my mind for a few years now involves my personality and the sum of my birthdate. My birthdate is the 20th of December 1985 which adds up to a 1, yet I don't seem to fit the personality of a number 1 very well... on the other hand, I fit the personality of a 2 very well, which is what my day (20) adds up to.

    I'm not very ambitious, I'm shy, submissive, fragile, despise being alone and don't really care for leadership much, yet I am more of a peacemaker, healer, advisor/counselor and nurturer... frankly, I just care most about looking after the ones I love. I don't care so much about me as I do others and love giving a boost and support to people stronger than I am when they're down.

    Yet so many sources seem to only put emphasis on the total of the birthdate and/or stress it's importance over the day itself, but it seems to be clearly the opposite for me. Can anyone shed some more light on this?