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  • born on a cusp

    i was born on the sagitarius/capricorn cusp. does this mean i am both of those signs? does anyone kno about this or where can i find more information about being born on a cusp?

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    being on the cusp means that you may have traits of both signs. however, your primary sign, (where the sun was) is more likely to influence you as well as the other aspects.

    you can ask for a chart reading in the subforum and someone would be able to read it for you.
    you can also get a chart for free at's site and post that chart in the subforum for a reading as well.
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      I was born on a cusp. I defintely show signs of both signs at time Creative Writer and Non-Fiction Writer
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        As you mentioned, you can display influences from both signs, but can calculate which sign you're categorised under. My moon sign falls on a Capricorn Aquarius cusp, but the moon had officially moved into Aquarius by about 2 hours. I display signs of both, but 'officially' my moon sign is Aquarius.
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