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Synastry Reading Please - Fully Loaded With Info To Help

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  • Synastry Reading Please - Fully Loaded With Info To Help

    First off, kudos and thanks to anyone who is willing to help give me a full reading on this. This particular relationship has been in the works for a long time and I feel like something huge is about to happen with it but am not able to interpret charts very well. I used to come here a long time ago and KEIshin helped me a lot (btw, your previous synastry reading for me proved to be disastrously true although I ignored what it said and had to follow my heart, which again, has led me to being a better person and I am thankful for the help and the experiences I went through!)

    Ok, so here's the basics.

    Shawn (Male)
    November 14, 1978
    10:35 AM
    Lake Charles, LA

    Venita (Female)
    February 26, 1981
    5:35 PM
    Decatur, AL

    As for what do I specifically want to know? Well, what are the chances of this becoming a long term and intimate relationship and possible marriage aspects. If so, what should I expect and look out for and will this union be beneficial or detrimental to one or both of us. Now, for the record, I will elaborate on this relationship so that it can help you (whomever takes up the mighty gauntlet) interpret what you find.

    We met at a young age. I believe she was 10 and I was 12 or 13 at the time. Instant connection, and a deep one at that. Almost like magnets and there was a sense of peace and happiness that flooded through us. Almost pychic like abilities to read each other and stay in sync. Although we never acted on any of our feelings in a romantic way we formed a bond that was unbreakable and a friendship that I can honestly say no one has ever been able to touch, at least on my side of things, and from what she has said, also on her side. Throughout the years we have both gone our seperate ways, sometimes for days or weeks and sometimes for months or years without contact, but instinctively find each other when one is needed. We always pick up right where we left off and it's always just as beautiful as before. While we have known each other all this time we have never acted upon our romantic inclinations out of a very deep and mutual respect for the friendship that we have, although we both have admitted quite freely that there is without a doubt an extremely virulent sexual undercurrent and magnetism to our relationship and that we are very attracted to each other. Recently, we have both been through what seems like almost the exact same things relationship wise. The ones that we pushed very hard for a long time to believe where our "ones" fell apart, in similiar fashions and in similiar time frames. Both of our "ones" were also very jealous and destructive towards our friendship as it was so unbreakable and loyal. We have helped each other, and continue to help each other daily, to heal and move past these wounds. This is not the first time that we have gone through these things together but in this time we have grown unusually closer (which is hard for me to fathom) than ever before and we are questioning the possiblity of if maybe we are fated to try something finally. We have had a blessed friendship. We speak with ease about all our emotions and thoughts without fear of judgement or it being used against the other. We find a solace and compassion which is rare from our conversations. We enjoy our company and our talks immensely. We always know instinctively how to bolster the other or to cheer the other up, rationally and emotionally. We almost never argue and I don't believe we have ever actually truly fought. We respect our differences of opinion and ways of operation even if we do not understand or agree with it, but steadfastly support the other unless is it something that is truly detrimental to one or both of us.

    If there is anything else I can tell you to help with an interpretation, just ask. I'm an open book and would just like to know what the stars say. Thanks in advance for any help from anyone on this!

    Krowe (Shawn)
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