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    Xander67 or scorpiochick77~

    HELP! Can you explain this to me? When it happens in your chart is it along the same lines as retrograde??? Please explain to me why my day----ok this whole month has been a cluster.

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    actually, Retrograde is when the planet turns it's back on earth, it stops briefly takes a few steps back and then returns to its normal orbit. Return is when it comes back and usually it is more intense because the energy is said to be at full power. Mercury governs descision making and communication, so you are most likely to be experiencing problems comunicating with people and do not be suprised if your gadgets start to act funny..

    I will look at it more in detail if you like,
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      Hmmm, well I got this today:

      Your Mercury return is coming to an end with the planet of communication and smart thinking getting ready to leave your sign tomorrow. This brings a sense of urgency when it comes to making sure that the communication lines are open, in a way that you want things to continue, but also when it comes to making any choices and decisions. With your mind and your intuition both sharp, trust your instincts.

      So it may not matter anymore---but I would still like to understand it better. PM me with what you need.

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        Are we talking about a return of your natal mercury or mercury being direct?
        They are two different things...
        If you are talking about a natal return you need to have your chart looked at and compared to the current chart of the moment.
        That said, returns are processes of being aligned to ones own vintage in some way and could indicate going back to ones core or root self in some way. The best thing to do is take stock of your life and ask yourself if it is really aligned to who you are. If it is not, you can use your natal return to get that aspect of your life back to what suits you. So, if things aren't working for you, working with Mercury at this time will help you understand and apply your native mercury ....

        If you are experiencing issues and they are because of Mercury, it is likely that your intellectual and communicative pursuits are in conflict with your needs concerning intellectual and communicative expression.... your native Mercurian traits coming through strongly with nowhere to be channeled thus becoming disruptive.
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