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    I'm just wondering what tools, perhaps computer software, people use. What do you like about it, what don't you like about it, and how reliable you find it.

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    There seem to be loads of free programmes on to do with astrology:

    I have no idea what they're like or if they're even relevant for you but thought I'd stick the link on anyway


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      We use Zet software. The "Lite" version doesn't give you a breakdown really in words of what is going on, but it'll draw up charts, show weekly/monthly/yearly flows of stuff moving around, etc. I'm not the Astrology expert in my family, so I don't have the right terms. But the program is pretty cool, and it's free.
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        Thanks for your responses. I guess I figured there were more people on MW using Astrology software who might want to discuss the tools they use.

        Hey, are you guys all hoarding the good stuff for yourselves out there?!? LOL :giggle:

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          WOWastrology and astrodienst are great tools!

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            I've been using and updating AstroDL for years and I like it a lot. There are lower power free version of it too