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Angles in Synastry

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  • Valkie
    I've always read opposing signes in synastry as being a sign of balance of the relationship.

    As all things with astrology, this can go two ways.

    If the relationship is positive, it will play out as bringing out the best of each other and being able to compromise. Exp. The extrovert bring out the introvert and the introvert calming the extrovert. The two will play on the other's strengths so that the pair of them can do together what they would not be able to accomplish seperately.

    If the relationship is negitive. The two will always be at odds with each other. the fundimental beliefs are different and in conflict. Unwilling to compromise, there can be constant turmoil.

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  • HoneyMilk
    started a topic Angles in Synastry

    Angles in Synastry

    Is anyone familiar with angles in regards to synastry? How would a MC conjunct another persons IC manifest itself in a relationship? What type of energy is generated from aspects to angles?