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  • Virgo compatibility

    hey all!
    I would love to take advantage of your knowledge about these signs. I am a Virgo and i need to know which star would suit me best? My date of birth is 28th August.
    which star could be best friend to me and which one i should consider as my life partner

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    I'm sure that you've noticed from other posts that what you are asking can not be answered by Sun sign alone and entirely depends on your own chart (NOT Sun sign).

    You have to look at sensitive points in your chart as well as your Jupiter placement.

    The strongest connections that I've found are people who have personal planets sitting in strong angles to my Jupiter and personal planets sitting in one of my major sensitive spots in Leo (For an idea of how going by just Sun signs doesn't work, I'm a Taurus)

    Friendship and Partners are ruled by two completely different elements. A 'life partner' would be what the best blend of those and a few others.

    Do not run around trying to find someone to fit your chart! The saying 'you know when you find them' is true. You'll know! I can --always-- tell if the person that I am talking to has a planet on that sensitive Leo point I was telling you about, long before I have their birth info.

    If you want a chart comparison with someone that you're curious about, ask.

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