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I keep attracting/being attracted to all the wrong signs!

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  • I keep attracting/being attracted to all the wrong signs!

    At least it feels that way.
    I'm a Scorpio, and I've noticed in the past year all the men I have strong interest in tend to be Aries or Leo. I've noticed too that the fire between me and these signs always have an intense start, but tend to end quickly [sometimes badly].

    My question is why, though? Why out of all the males I meet do I seem drawn to strictly these two signs? Even if they're 'bad' for me? I can't help what I'm attracted to, but I'm tired of falling into similar patterns.

    I'm worried too because I've recently met someone (also an Aries), I really like him and he seems to genuinely care for me also. We bump heads sometimes, but generally what we share seems workable and I'm entertaining the idea of giving it an honest shot. I'm trying so hard to see him for him and not as simply 'an Aries,' but I have some concerns based on my past experience with others of the same sign that this will simply follow the same path.

    I've done some reading and I know that the stars say I need to find myself a good Cancer or Pisces boy. In my experience those two types typically get friendzoned with me, I've yet to come across either sign of who I'm romantically/sexually attracted to.

    Maybe I'm way off base, maybe none of this matters and it's all pure-coincidence and I'm working myself up over nothing. But some thoughts and insight would be appreciated.
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    Need birth info.

    (PS. I'm leaving for the week end for a camping trip and won't be back online until Tues)

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      Just sent you a PM.


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        there's no such thing as a wrong sign, since the characteristics of each sign are not a broad brush stroke, you have to remember that their own personality and upbringing varies. to think otherwise is almost like saying that everyone from Race X is exactly the same.

        my man is a Capricorn and i'm an Aquarius, which according to astrology is extremely difficult at best and all but doomed to fail at worst. and yet we've had a wonderful relationship, longest i've ever been in.

        consider it not a clashing of signs, but a clashing of personalities, or the fact that perhaps you just weren't right for each other, or couldn't/didn't/wouldn't want to work certain things out.

        i do understand a little though because alot of my boyfriends/lovers tend to be earth signs
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          I'm with Aluokaloo on this one... Because one's natal chart is more complex than simply your sun sign (for both you and your prospective partner) to rule out someone completely based on their sign isn't necessarily the best way to go about it...

          Chances are you are drawn to partners that have those "fire" qualities because of something in your own chart (and not your sun sign)... I feel if you are wanting to explore the potential between you and this person, go for it! Follow your heart!

          Remember... we all have bad relationships or relationships that simply end... and most of the time their sign was the least of that relationships' problem! lol


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            I agree. Some people don't act like their sign sometimes. You might want to check Moon signs too. I've seen that Egyptian,Chinese, Celtic,etc astrology is helpful too.
            My Tarot tells me that I'll end up with an air sign (or at least that personality) though I'm a Pisces. Just listen to your heart. Some lessons just need to be learnt.

            Good luck.

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