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    well i certainly do have the psychology thing running in the family! dad is a professional psychologist and mom is a professional counselor.

    I've been exposed to psychology since i was a little kid.. i used to read my dad's evaluations and reports all the time when i was in my single digits... i was a curious one and got into his files all the time! i used to always wonder as a kid "what do people do to acquire these problems!" and have vowed to keep myself sane ever since.

    older now, i've found sanity in my own personal version of insanity :D


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      Following the numerology of W.W.1.

      Originally posted by RedRose
      Hi Monk,

      I want both. Continue here AND copy it into a separate thread to make it easier for others to find it.

      Okay RedRose,
      While the collective consciousness euphoria was being experienced on Armistice Day, being the eleventh hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918, a little known administrative task was being concluded in Washington D.C.
      The original drawings/street plan of Washington D.C. were being transferred in a ceremony from the city commissioners to their new home, The Library of Congress for safe keeping.
      Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, the architect, may have been an adept of sacred geometry, who may have convinced President Washington to incorperate sacred geometry into the streets and buildings of the new Capital City.
      I dont wish to involve myself in this arguement, mainly as it's contraversal, yet many buildings and streets throughout the world have sacred geometry hidden within their structures, a recent building is the worlds tallest towers, Petronas towers, that incorperates 2 perfectly aligned grand squares in the blueprints, although the corners are rounded.
      What does interest me is the letter that L'Enfant sent to George Washington explaining his ideas was dated September 11th 1789.
      One hundred and twenty three years earlier, the Great Fire of London had distroyed much of the Capital.
      Much of the Hermetic/Sacred Geometry tradition was studied by some of the leading minds of the country, Gresham college and the Royal Society provided a loosely based headquarters for people that included Isaac Newton and Sir Christopher Wren, the architect famous for St. Pauls Cathedral, the floor plan of which shows a marked resemblence to what we know of Solomons Temple.
      Sir Christopher Wren had just returned from Paris and had gained King Charles 2nd's interest with his plans for London.
      Incredibly the date of the bonding of this agreement between Wren and the King seems amazingly similiar to the bonding of ideas between George Washington and L'Enfant.
      Both architects were proposing new plans for the Capitol, and it would seem that both wanted to include sacred geometry in the design........I may not write much about Washington D.C. but i am sure London has this ancient art hidden in the "old town".
      The significant date that is important by "coincidence" to both Wren and L'Enfant is 11th September 1666 and 11th September 1789!
      We also may have suspicions about sacred geometry being incorperated in the design of the Pentagon, and when the date of the start of construction ceremony is added, being 11th September 1941, it would be hard not to think that 11th September 2001 wasnt related in a symbolic cyclic way.
      The First World War was not only connected to the Second World War and the rise of Communist USSR, but influenced many of the "Hurts" in the world today, 1918 saw the end of the Turkish Ottoman Empire that had ruled much of the Middle East for centuries.
      During W.W.1. Britain had promised chunks of land to any Arab inhabitance of the Ottoman Empire to rise up and help fight in the war effort, sadly as the promises had been made to all who would listen, the same land was promised over and over again to different factions, hence the "British Mandate" given by the League of Nations, to bring these countries to a democratic conclusion become unworkable unfortunately.
      In the worlds karma there are many missed times when healing should have been completed, and the cyclic pattern/nature of karma punches us in the teeth a century later.


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        Hi Everyone,
        Thought i would leave document on attachment that shows most dates mentioned in the above "Story".
        Sometimes it may seem i am more interested what the West's part is in the "hurts" of the world, this isnt true, yet being "Western" my need is for us in the West to always do the right thing, there is always many sides to an arguement.
        The rules of karma seem that we have to look deeper into worlds hurts, of course we are horrified by senseless aggression but it will take us all to forgive past hurts, and move forward with a clean beginning.
        I'm gonna leave my Stories for another time and place, i dont think its the right thread, and i dont want to hog space on a thread primarily about Pluto's Dance!


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          Hello Monk,

          I would like to move our conversation over here, away from Scorpios and sex, and tantra, into this more general Pluto thread.

          Big hug. I have not meant to alarm you. I is a good witch, I is.

          And my opinion hasn't changed about you. Here again is my take on your chart and you told me it was pretty spot on. I said:

          Vesta on the Ascendant; a life consecrated to Vesta. Dear Knight, if you have not yet handed over your life to the Goddess in service, then zzzzzzzzzzzzz. End of story.

          Scorpio Rising with Pluto as Ruler in Leo (barely) on Midheaven. Sudden fame. A Plutonic sort of person, a transition teacher, bridging between the Pluto in Leo and Pluto in Virgo folk, bringing in Aquarian/Pisces energy.

          Scorio Rising means private, but there are ways to get famous and remain a bit cloaked (like using stupid screennames, like "MonK"). Mercury on midheaven; writer. Mercury in Virgo; researcher. Moon in Virgo; LOVES research. In 10th House, you will gain audience.

          So many astrologers have Virgo Moons. Mustn't get stuck in your head though!

          Heart awakening, or else! That is what I see in your chart. And with Chiron in Aquarius you are weird too. Your neighbors don't understand you? Or are you the ultimate urban hermit?

          With a chart like yours (insert twilight zone music here) , life will do you, more than you do life.



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            Dear Monk,

            If you agree with me about your scope and you wish to give your life into service of Vesta, or re-commit to Vesta, here are some tips.

            1. Make a home altar and keep Vesta's flame burning there. This is an inner flame than must be watched and nurtured by your attention to it each day. An outer flame can be kept lit, except no potential fire hazard should be present. So I might recommend creating an artistic eternal fire using carnelians and such. Ask Vesta for guidance about her altar. She will lead you.

            2. Study Hestia/Vesta, become an expert in her Way.

            3. Offer yourself each day, into her service.

            Bless you, Monk. Thank you for all the great good that you do. I wish you the happiest solstice.

            Last edited by RedRose; December 20th, 2005, 10:11 AM.


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              We didnt understand each other, but are in harmony!

              Hi RedRose,
              Mis-understandings are always healed, thank you for your kind words, but i am less sure of my path than you, although pagan!
              I tend to cover it by humour, also my focus leads me down many strange cutting edge paths.
              My minstrel mentality is forcing me to examine the Osiris, Isis and Horus myth at the moment, being one of our most important myths....i cant leave it alone.
              As i have said, on 18th September, 2011, the Persian Royal Star of Leo, Regulus, the watcher of the North, ruler of the angles of the Earth, changes signs from Leo to Virgo........and in many ancient beliefs/ religions, the Leo/Virgo connection is very important.....
              Osirus took his sister, Isis as his consort, and they ruled Egypt, but he was cut down in his prime, being murdered by his brother Seth, who cut up his corpse and hid the parts all over Egypt.
              Isis, in an epic search, found all the pieces except the phallas, she then joined all the pieces together using magical rites which brought Osirus back to life, although she had to provide him with an artificial phallas, by which she managed to get pregnant.
              Afterwards Osiris departed into the Cosmic world of the dead, and Isis produced a son, Horus, who grew up to avenge his father's death by defeating Seth, thus becoming king of all Egypt......How are we surposed to decipher this? Dont ask me......but if im sure of anything in astrology, how to decipher this myth is very important to the karma of the world today, considering the minstrels tale is very old, vague, and probably has untrue parts of the tale added on.......Why do i ask you?......It seems to be a story of taboo,....I would ask a soul who has had great pain in this area, and has overcome this, thus having not respond too quickly, i need your deepest psyche answer.
              For me, this myth is very important, as it is a cyclic story that is kept in the collective consciousness memory.....let me explain!
              The cycle connection was easily joined when the myths of ancient Egypt got mixed with the Christian faith after Jesus was crucified, and spread through the Middle East in the first few centuries A.D.
              The early Christian church headed by Saint Mark, found converting Egyptian's relatively easy, for one reason, due to the fact that it resembled their own myths.
              Mary and Jesus just overlaid the Isis/Horus myth.....Isis was the God Mother and Mary was the Mother of God.
              In the early years, astrology incorperated Osiris/Isis into the Virgo/Leo Myth.....Please see very old thread of mine called " Grand Quintiles in October, from Egypt til now", which was written when i was very unsure of myself, but has many interesting connections.
              Isis and all female goddesses such as Vesta, Ceres, were interwoven and mixed.
              Even the church got involved, as they tried to stop pagan festivals, like December 25th, they gave in after a while and just transplanted a fictional Jesus birthday on top.
              We can see how real events and myths and legends got mixed by the Royal Star of Leo, that can apply to the mythical King Feridun, but can also fit Osiris and Zeus/Hercules mythology.
              I think all the joining of myths and legends points to a un-resolved world karma issue, that keeps getting replayed in a cyclic story deep within the human psyche, down the ages, yet now the minstrels story is too vague to fully understand. (My opinion).
              In Esoteric astrology, Regulus is a conduit of Sirius........I wonder what changes, Regulus on the cusp will bring......Perhaps the Sphinx could tell us, with it's lion body and woman's head?
              Although it is only my opinion, i feel this myth is central to world karma in 21st century, i hope we can decipher the puzzle!
              Have a great holiday period, RedRose, and i wish you all that you would wish for yourself.....this myth burns a focus within me!....remember to look up that old thread of mine..."Grand Quintiles in October, from Egypt till now", yet it is not how i would write it today, having progressed.
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                Fascinating stuff, as always Monk. I have been told that many themes in Christianity (virgin birth, madonna and child, Mary standing on a crescent moon, and more) can be linked back to Isis.

                As to me knowing your path - actually I have no idea and truly, I rejoice in your success, however you define it; not how I might define it. I was just giving my take, as an astrologer, on Vesta conjunct your Ascendant, and wondering why someone with this aspect would mind my teaching tantra, which is one of Vesta's main gigs - yes?

                So what is your take, as an astrologer, on this aspect? I sincerely wish to understand how this shows up in your life so I can learn more. I don't recall meeting someone with Vesta conjunct Rising, though I may have, so I have no reference.

                My Vesta is in Gemini on the cusp of my 2nd House.



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                  Heres some more interesting stuff about Vesta I found on the internet:


                  Vesta's placement in the horoscope shows where and how we can be dedicated, where we can focus our energies to the greatest effect. But it also shows where, periodically, we have to withdraw and "recharge our batteries." If we don't, we will become drained, and even sick.
                  Vesta also has an effect on our sexuality, but it is not the raw, animal drive of Mars or Pluto. It is more of a reasoned choice, which is in tune with Vesta's affinity with the sign of Virgo.

                  Lenore Cantor told the following story in a lecture some years back. She was going to visit the late Charles Emerson and she got stuck between floors in his elevator. While she was waiting for the repair crew to arrive, Charles shouted down the elevator shaft: "Lenore, where's your Vesta?"


                  In the symbolism of the astrological wheel, Vesta corresponds to the Ascendant, which relates to self-identity and autonomy. Astrologically, Vesta represents the ability to focus energy and experience wholeness of self. Vesta's cycle takes the individual through the transformative process of the newal of their virginity (essential self). She teaches the wisdom that periodic retreat from others in order to cleanse and regenerate the self can lead to a clarity of vision and purpose.


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                    More Pluto conjunct Galactic Center

                    JANUARY 2006

                    by Alex Miller-Mignone
                    This winter Pluto moves into conjunction with the Galactic Center for the first time in almost 250 years. This quarter-millennial summit between the outer planetary ambassador of our system and the very heart of the spiral galaxy of which we are a part always heralds important transformations in our cultural attitudes and the ways in which we interpret and incorporate ideas of religion, literature and science, or higher knowledge.

                    Pluto will be making two important stations conjunct the super-massive Black Hole which powers our galaxy, and lies at its center, and will activate this point for more than 18 months, until the autumn of 2007. Periods of peak activation coincide with Pluto’s passage of the 26th degree of Sagittarius from February 5 through May 24, 2006 (station retrograde on March 29), December 5 through 31, 2006 (including a triple conjunction of Sun, Pluto and the Galactic Center on December 19), and July 15 through October 29, 2007 (station direct on September 7). At these times the seeds of the next great cultural revolutions are planted, souls with particularly strong attunement to these energies are incarnated or disincarnate, and metaphors emerge in current events which provide insights into the upcoming changes.

                    Historically Pluto’s contact with the Galactic Center has evoked important developments in humanity’s relationship with literature and the arts, abstract thought, education and reasoning, the dissemination, codification or collation of scientific or legalistic knowledge, and important spiritual movements. Leaders and innovators in these fields are born or come into prominence at these periods, seminal works are published, humanity’s intellectual reach is extended.

                    Pluto’s passage through this region in the late 30's CE highlighted the arts and religion, bringing the birth of noted Roman poet Lucan in 39, whose works on the Roman civil war of Julius Caesar’s time are still read by classicists. This was followed closely in 40 by the establishment of the first Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt, supposedly by Mark the Evangelist, of Gospel fame, who became the first Pope of Alexandria. Although the Coptics never gained control of the Church at large, they influenced it greatly with their creation of the Nicene Creed, and continue as a sect to this day, the oldest continuously-organized Christian denomination.

                    Lawgiving was the theme of Pluto’s passage over the Galactic Center in the late 520's and early 530's CE. In 529 the Roman Emperor Justinian, who would later make Christianity the official religion of the empire, issued the Corpus Juris Civilis, a seminal compilation of fundamental works on Roman jurisprudence which remained the leading legal authority and reference guide for over a thousand years. In 530 Justinian followed this up by the appointment of commissioners to codify Roman law, which later became the “Digest.” In 532 he began construction on Byzantium’s Hagia Sophia, the Church of the Holy Wisdom, one of the most famous Christian churches of the ancient and medieval world, later a mosque, and now a museum.

                    Pluto’s transit in the 1020's CE brought another focus on religion, with the disappearance of Al-Hakim bi-Amur Allah, 6th Fatimid Caliph of Egypt, while on pilgrimage. The Druze sect of Ismaili Muslims presumed his assumption to heaven, and began to worship him as divine, the first caliph to be so honored.

                    Pluto at the Galactic Center in the late 1260s CE saw the publication of English genius Roger Bacon’s “Opus Majus,” his life work, encapsulating virtually all of medieval man’s knowledge on grammar, mathematics, optics, alchemy, astronomy and astrology, physics and philosophy. In 1270 Thomas Aquinas produced his “Summa Theologiae,” which still stands as the leading reference on the theological teachings of the time, and was considered by generations of Catholic scholars as the second point of reference for theological questions of all types, after the Bible itself.

                    In 1269 the great Indian poet, philosopher and master-teacher Vedanta Desika was born, the second name in Vaishnavism, one of the principal divisions of Hinduism. The birth of more spiritual luminaries followed in 1270: Jacob ben Asher, Spanish rabbi and religious writer (commentaries on the Torah and “Arba’ah Turim,” a codex of Jewish law); Italian clergyman Michael of Cesena (a Franciscan advocate of ecclesiastical poverty); as well as important literary figures: Italian scholar Marsilius of Padua (“Defensor Pacis”); Italian poet Cino da Pistoia (a contemporary of Dante); and Chinese poet and dramatist Ma Zhiyuan ( a principal developer of the sanqu literary form of poetry).

                    Pluto’s passage in the mid-1510's CE brought perhaps its most dramatic manifestations to date, and the birth of luminaries who would carry their light well into the High Renaissance. In 1513 Scottish firebrand and reformer John Knox was born, later instrumental in the introduction of Presbyterianism into Scotland. Born a Catholic, his conversion to Protestantism led to an 18-month stint as a French galley slave; after studying under Calvin in Geneva, Knox returned to Scotland to oppose the regency of Mary of Guise, mother to Mary Queen of Scots, and his spirit animated the Protestant rising that effectively crippled Mary’s power and authority, turning Scotland into an ally and vassal state of Elizabeth Tudor’s England.

                    In 1514 English scholar John Cheke was born, later first Regius Professor of Greek at Cambridge University. Tutor to Edward VI, he also instructed Lady Jane Grey and Elizabeth I, and was a leading proponent of formal education for women, a very enlightened position for the time.

                    In 1515 St. Teresa of Avila was born, later a Carmelite nun and influential Spanish poet. Her four-part work on “Devotion” remains a classic of Christian mysticism . Also in 1515 Lucas Cranach the Younger was born, a German Renaissance painter very influential and popular in his time, specializing in allegories of mythic and religious themes.

                    1516 saw the death of Dutch painter Hieronymous Bosch and the birth of English chronicler John Foxe. Bosch, famous for his iconographic portrayals of demons and damnation, depicted a fanciful but gripping vision of hell, but the hell which Foxe chronicled was all too real—he is best remembered for his “Book of Martyrs,” which details the burnings of Protestants during the reign of England’s “Bloody” Mary I.

                    This period of course also witnessed the gestation of the Reformation, sparked by Martin Luther’s protest; his nailing of the 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral occurred in 1517 as Pluto progressed beyond the Galactic Center and into Capricorn.

                    Pluto’s most recent conjunction with the Galactic Center, in the late 1750's and early 1760's CE, coincided with a flowering of Enlightenment thought, including in 1762 Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s publication of “The Social Contract,” a philosophy so influential to the authors of the American and French Revolutions. 1759 was perhaps the seminal year of this passage, bringing the births of famed Scottish poet Robert Burns (author of the poem and song “Auld Lang Syne,” among others); German writer, historian, dramatist and philosopher Friedrich Schiller (author of “Don Carlos” and “Maria Stuart”); and the deaths of French mathematician Pierre Maupertuis (the principle of least action, and a precursor to evolution’s theory of natural selection), Swiss mathematician Nicholaus Bernoulli (probability theory), and German composer Georg Friedrich Handel (“Water Music” and “Messiah”). Also in 1759, Voltaire published “Candide,” the British Museum in London, possibly the most famous museum in the world, first opened its doors, and outside Philadelphia the Quakers founded Germantown Academy, America’s oldest nonsectarian school.

                    What will this passage of Pluto over the Galactic Center evoke? We can only wait and see. Some things will be clear as they emerge in the current events of the next two years, but the fruits of the seeds that are planted, the children born now, will not be apparent for a generation.

                    In the USA, expect a more serious, if bitter, debate over the Constitution and the relative powers of the three branches of government, with a special emphasis on the judiciary, and the role of religion in government. The PATRIOT Act will be an important test of the changes that will be made in the law during Pluto’s time here; it is interesting that the House’s recent one-month prolonging of the current Act is set to expire precisely as Pluto moves to the degree of the Galactic Center. Will we choose “safety” over freedom, and will the government’s powers to observe and direct our lives be increased, or will “liberty” trump fear? Will the people reclaim their sovereign power or continue to allow the slide into fascism represented by the unholy alliance of corporatist wealth with fundamentalist intolerance?


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                      More yet, Pluto conjunct Galactic Center


                      Pluto Crossing the Galactic Core. Though this is not exact until the last week of 2006, there is an exceptionally close alignment between Pluto and the Galactic Core (in late Sagittarius) during the first week of spring. Specifically, Pluto stations retrograde at 26 degrees Sagittarius and 45 arc minutes, just 10 arc minutes (one-sixth of a degree) from the Galactic Core. Pluto will be within one degree of the core from February through mid-May, for most of that time sitting stationary.

                      But the station itself is March 20. This comes simultaneously with a total solar eclipse on the Aries Point (see below), as well as the progressions in the Presidential Inauguration chart going off (part two -- part one was the last week of October, see below). This group of events, clustered together, will be the stunning sequel of what brought us the Scooter Libby indictment, only I think it's reasonable to expect something a little more satisfying. Pluto on the Galactic Core will be humanity's biggest push in a long, long while in the direction of, well, being humanitarian.

                      The GC teaches giving up our judgments, seeing the big picture, and learning Lesson One taught by the Core: as within, so without. Or, as the Course in Miracles would put it, God/Goddess is not outside yourself. Pluto crossing this point is one of the last vital thresholds of the Pluto in Sagittarius era, which takes us back to the early 1990s when the world started to move in the undeniable direction of Jihad, be it Christian or Muslim.

                      Pluto on the Core will evoke all the true evolutionary material involved with the violence on the planet and the prejudices that make it inevitable. If we were to give up the judgments, the violence would have no basis of support. Warlords rely on anger, hatred and the sense of victimization to get anywhere with their ideas. But the energy of the Galactic Core is so strong as to be inaccessible to many people.


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                        I'm fairly mezmerized by monk's chart, what with the inverted and upright pentagrams in it.

                        As for me, I am Pluto libran generational kid, along with Uranus and Neptune both in sagittarius. Not quite sure how I'd interpret that for myself at the moment or my generation... (sluggish brain day for me), so I will have to give it some thought.


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                          Yes, Monk's chart is amazing!



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                            Here is a list of the very powerful outer planets aspects impacting the generations, lifted from a good article about Chiron:


                            A Menagerie of Planets

                            The wild dance of the outer planets and Chiron during these crucial years traces a chronology of awakening to, activation of and culmination in, the discovery of Chiron. Aside from interacting with Chiron during these crucial years, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto interacted with each other to an unprecedented degree. Let’s briefly explore these interactions and their relation to Chiron . . .

                            ! 1950 - 1956 – Neptune sextiled Pluto. Interestingly, this sextile is the only major aspect of Neptune and Pluto between 1892 and 2061.

                            ! Represents an open channel of energy/communication. The first in a series of Neptune/Pluto sextiles that were part of an ongoing linkage of sextiles between the outer planets. This linkage was only broken between Saturn and Uranus, highlighting the call to Chiron to span the gap, so to speak.

                            ! April 1952 – Saturn squared Uranus (only two months after the first Chiron/Uranus opposition) (Note: the square often requires ‘outside’ help in order to break down the impasse.)

                            ! Inferred the necessity of a bridge between these planets.

                            ! Uranus was challenging the Saturnian ‘old guard’.

                            ! Uranus shone a light on Chiron (opposition aspect) while Saturn tried to block it (square).

                            ! The mediating force would be Chiron, assisted by Pluto, culminating in 1977 with the discovery of Chiron (only months after the next time Saturn and Uranus squared each other).

                            ! November 1952 - July 1953 – Saturn conjuncted Neptune.

                            ! Occurred in the midst of the first Uranus/Chiron oppositions and Uranus/Saturn squares.

                            ! Three considerations:

                            ! Saturn’s restriction and inhibition of Neptunian energies was a call to Chiron to bridge the gap.

                            ! Access to Neptune (via Chiron and Uranus) requires Saturnian seriousness, personal responsibility and hard work, bringing us, in turn, to Chiron. Working with Chiron, the door to Uranus and Neptune opens.

                            ! This conjunction gave us a taste of an inner connection to spirit that was ‘missing’ in our lives during the post-war years of exterior-based, outmoded and empty religioustraditions and rituals.

                            ! November 1952 - August 1953 – Saturn sextiled Pluto.

                            ! Allowed Saturn and Pluto to freely converse, so to speak. With the lines of communication open, the intervening planets were also illuminated.

                            ! Again, there is the hint of a bridge between the inner and outer planets. In the midst of outer planet blockages, obstacles and confrontation (other aspects), this sextile appealed to Chiron to help complete the bridge.

                            ! April 1965 - January 1967 – Saturn opposed Uranus five times.

                            ! Added power to the fulcrum point of 1966.

                            ! Mirrored ongoing confrontation between the hardened and inflexible paradigms of the establishmentand the groundbreaking, unexpected, fresh, eccentric revelations of the dawning new age. (Pluto certainly played a part in this, too.)

                            ! April 1965 - February 1966 – Saturn opposed Pluto.

                            ! A fulcrum/focal point in the discovery of Chiron, culminating in the inception of the “Star Trek” television series (discussed in depth in an article at

                            ! Brought to light the Wound of our separateness from the outer planets.

                            ! Mirrored our separateness from the greater consciousness of the solar system, the galaxy, our divinity and our higher spiritual functions.

                            ! Other considerations:

                            ! Our Wounds drive us toward our Healing and evolution of consciousness.

                            ! Consider that the gradual expansion of our consciousness consists of encompassing ever-wider planetary orbits, all the way to the solar magnetopause. Thus:

                            ! The innate need for a personal connection to our divine source, not having been addressed by the industrial revolution, drove us toward the stars, on one hand, and toward the microscopic origins of matter on the other.

                            ! The space racethroughout the 1960s was an outward expression of the inner urge for expansion/evolution of consciousness.

                            ! October 1965 - June 1966 – Uranus conjuncted Pluto. (During this time, Chiron opposed each of these planets at different times.)

                            ! Again, 1966 was one of the climaxes in the symphony of the discovery of Chiron.

                            ! The combined power of Uranus and Pluto is unparalleled in terms of its awakening and revolutionizing effect.

                            ! Uranus shines a bright light, illuminating the big picture, while Pluto turns the world upside-down, wiping away static and dead forms.

                            ! Pluto is about the transformation of consciousness; Uranus is about elevating consciousness to new heights; both are about the evolution of consciousness.

                            ! During this time, the Pluto/Chiron opposition stirred up the deepest Wounds while Uranus shone a light upon these exposed Wounds.

                            ! Challenged to the limit, Humanity called out for assistance. Chiron, stirring from its eon-long slumber, answered.

                            ! The Virgo placement of Uranus and Pluto indicates that the primary issue being illuminated was Healing.

                            ! Marks the beginning of a revolution that birthed the alternative health, healing and medicinemovement and the beginning of the so-called New Age.

                            ! With Chiron in Pisces, the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo illuminated Wounds of separation from divinity, oneness and love. It illuminated feelings of being a victim in a cold and uncaring world. Such Wounds are a feature of the incarnation process itself. Such Wounds inspire the wish for a return to oneness—for a rejoining with the greater cosmos. Again, this was expressed in the acceleration of the development of space travel. Our true home, astronomically and metaphysically, is the greater cosmos, beyond the confines of our Earth-bound consciousness, ultimately beyond the boundaries of the solar system.

                            ! The three main themes were set: Healing, consciousness and evolution. The evolutionary journey is the Healing journey. And the Healing journey is a journey of consciousness, reflected in the material hologram.

                            ! September 1966 - May 1968 – Uranus sextiled Neptune.

                            ! Note: Uranus’s higher octave represents the Soul’s Message and Neptune’s, the Soul’s Vision[1]. Taken together, they reveal the Divine Design of the Soul[1] (holographically residing at the magnetopauseof the solar system) transmitted to the higher Self (the human half of the centaur) on its journey through the planets. Thus:

                            ! Saturn-opposition-Uranus during the first part of this sextile mirrored resistance to hearing the messages of the Soul—the resistance of the establishment,the status quo and of consensus reality.

                            ! However, this sextile overcame Saturn’s opposition, paving the way for the receipt of the Chiron Paradigm by Humanity’s collective consciousness/Soul.

                            ! 1976 - 1979 – Neptune sextiled Pluto.

                            ! Represents an open channel of energy/communication. The second in a series of Neptune/Pluto sextiles that were part of an ongoing linkage of sextiles between the outer planets. This linkage was only broken between Saturn and Uranus, highlighting the call to Chiron to span the gap, so to speak.

                            ! January 1977 - May 1977 – Saturn sextiled Pluto again, while Saturn trined Neptune.

                            ! The channel between the inner planets (summed up in Saturn) and the outer planets (championed by Pluto) was open again. (Chiron was discovered only months later.)

                            ! Early 1977 – Saturn trined Neptune.

                            ! Augured the discovery of Chiron.

                            ! The inner work undertaken and under way, the channels were open for a bridge to be discovered between the inner and outer planets, in this case represented by Saturn and Neptune, respectively.

                            ! 1980 - 1986 – Neptune sextiledPluto.

                            ! Represents an open channel of energy/communication. The third in a series of Neptune/Pluto sextiles that were part of an ongoing linkage of sextiles between the outer planets. This linkage was only broken between Saturn and Uranus, highlighting the call to Chiron to span the gap, so to speak. The Saturn/Uranus conjunction of 1988 later completed the linkage between the inner and outer planets.

                            ! The importance of Pluto in all this lies in its connections beyond the solar system—in its connections to galactic consciousness, from which all true knowledge, wisdom, light and love come.

                            ! 1988 – Saturn conjuncted Uranus (a year before the final Chiron/Uranus opposition and Chiron/Neptune opposition)

                            ! Represented a culmination: the bridge between Saturn and Uranus (and between the inner and the outer planets) was complete.

                            ! March 4 1989 – Saturn conjuncted Neptune again, affirming the Rainbow Bridge.

                            ! Chiron had been discovered and Uranus and Neptune were about to take leave of Chiron.

                            ! The birth process and early childhood of Chiron was complete, as was the bridge between the inner and the outer planets.

                            ! Our longing for a personal reconnection to divinity and oneness, inspired by the Saturn/Neptune conjunction, could now be alleviated simply by walking the Healing path, as set out by Chiron.

                            ! May 1989 – Saturn sextiled Pluto again, during a Saturn/Neptune conjunction.

                            ! The channel between inner and outer planets was open again, celebrating of the completion of the Chiron bridge—the so-called Rainbow Bridge.

                            ! May 5 1989 – Mars conjuncted Chiron, giving an extra impulse to get on with its task now.

                            ! May 18 1989 – Chiron opposed Uranus for the final time, a kind of farewell salute


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                              Powerful natal charts can be a pain in the butt.

                              Originally posted by Aidron
                              I'm fairly mezmerized by monk's chart, what with the inverted and upright pentagrams in it.

                              As for me, I am Pluto libran generational kid, along with Uranus and Neptune both in sagittarius. Not quite sure how I'd interpret that for myself at the moment or my generation... (sluggish brain day for me), so I will have to give it some thought.
                              Hi Aidron,
                              Yes i was mezmerized and fearful when i worked out my natal chart, you can for a while take it personally, yet this alignment isnt personal just for my chart, it spun around the world, and obviously with changes to Asc. and M.C. applied to a lot of people born on 8/8/1956.
                              For myself, i am just a simple writer of cutting edge astrology material, interested in sacred geometry of life forms, and the bonding of the elements that form life.
                              The natal chart is far too powerful for me to wield properly, i hesitate to mention that it may have set off a spontaneous kundalini experience approx. 3 years ago, that terrified me, i cannot say for certain as i have nothing to compare the experience with, yet my node does rise in paran with Asphard, the heart of the Hydra, which Bernadette Brady connects to this phenomena down the spine.
                              For others who genuinely have this experience, it may have been more pleasurable, yet for me it was too powerful, if indeed i did have one.
                              Spontaneous kundalini for those who are not ready for the experience and is a surprise uncalled for, can do damage, since this time, my immune system has weakened resulting in it attacking and fusing the discs in my spine, so that it is becoming solid bone all the way up.
                              I'm not writing against kundalini, but only trying to explain "my experience", and there are many who havent trained, who have had equal difficulties, when this experience happens without prior notice.
                              I wonder if you will be so interested in this natal chart, if we transport it to another location, where it becomes slightly disturbing,.......lets try Bristol, Virginia, 8/8/56 at 8:00am.......Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter then are conjunct the Asc. and Saturn in Scorpio sits within half of a degree of the I.C., Mars at this location is in paran with fixed star El-Nath, which signifies powerful weapons.
                              There is a general born on this day, a former astronaut, i'm not sure of the time of birth but feel that it probably is around the time mentioned.
                              Like myself, the Pentagon focused him, as early on he worked there, the moment he needs only 2 or 3 career promotions to be in charge as supreme commander of Norad, deep under Cheyenne Mountain....Gulp!
                              I have put some information about Norad and Cheyenne mountain on attachment....heavy stuff.....not such a pretty chart now is it, Aidron?


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                                The Alphard/Kundalini connection was one of those "ah ha!" moments for me in astrology, Monk!

                                A friend of mine has an amazing chart, and when she was younger she would have spontaneous kundalini experiences which hospitalised her. Every time it happened she said she thought she was going to die, but when she recovered she felt much stronger than she had before. She saw them as valuable growing experiences, although at a high price.

                                This idea of the kundalini experience being a two-edged sword, giving power while at the same time threatening to kill, shows up in her chart when you look at the fixed star parans. When I was listening to Bernadette talking about Alphard, and she referred to the Hydra being linked to kundalini, I immediately checked my friend's parans. She had Alphard (kundalini) linked to Mars (feels like it's killing her) as a rising star (effects happen in your youth, before you're 30).