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    What is the difference in the daily aspects that planets make with each other and the transits that they make in our personal horoscope. For example, if the current position of Saturn is conjuncting my natal Sun at the same time it is also opposing the current position Mars, which is going to have the greater effect?

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    Natal aspects in my experience show personal tendencies, or leanings as regards the issues of the aspect. While transiting planet aspects with natal planets will have a more immediate impact on the current affairs of your life. The aspect that would have the greater impact would probably be the aspects of transiting planets with your natal chart (current situations), rather than the aspects of the transiting planets with other transiting planets (atmosphere which effects everyone).

    Aspects of the transiting planets with themselves tend to tell the atmosphere in which you will be acting out the transits with your natal chart.

    I'm sorry that this took so long, but I have been busy with work and holiday preparations. I hope this helps also.

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