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What is an Orb?

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  • What is an Orb?

    I have seen this term used here sometimes, and I have looked for information about it in this forum, but don't see much on it. I really would like to know how they are used, what they mean, and where does this apply? The other thing I think applies to orbs is applying and seperating, and I think I know what they are, but I don't understand what their significance is?

    Thank you for your help.

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    From this website--

    A kind of "fudge factor" that approximates the region where two planets are in a particular geometric aspect to each other. For example, two planets are said to be in Trine aspect when they are 120 degrees apart, give or take a certain "orb." Some astrologers prefer to use tight or narrow orbs (e.g., within 2-5 degrees) and others prefer to use wide orbs (e.g., within 6-9 degrees). The number of degrees of orb used also tends to vary with the aspect in question; for example, a wider orb is usually used for a major aspect (e.g., Conjunction) than for a minor aspect (e.g., Quintile).

    To understand the applying and seperating there is an important definition that we need. Partile-this is when an aspect is exactly 0° degrees. Now the definition of applying is when the significator, which is the fastest moving object is moving toward the partile, and seperating is when the significator is moving away from the partile.

    I would be interested to find out what orbs some of the other astrologers here use? Mine vary with the aspect and type of chart. In a natal chart I use 9 degrees of orb for the major aspects, and 3 for the minor. In comparison charts I only use 1 degree for all of them.


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