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    NN-Virgo in 3rd

    Thankyou for the link, what a time-saver!! I am so used to having to rely on my memory, or finding the right chapter in a book... this is so much better!

    My node is alone in the 3rd house, like a sign it wants no complications. The internet has been my savior, in that I have had relatively no other means of expressing my understandings, creativity, and compassion towards the groups of people who would most benefit. I long for opportunities to teach, but have alot of insecurity, due to my emotional 'blindness'.

    My SN in Pisces in the 9th, is conjunct with my Mars... I am happily married to a Pisces(my third marriage), I have had difficulties with relationcships, due to my preoccupation with spiritual(unconditional) love, and have expressed romantic love rather incompetantly. I have always longed to go 'back' to the comfort and transcendant lovingness of an ashram. I am eternally greatful that I did choose to have a family, however, as I see a major part of my destiny being determined by both my motherhood, and by my children themselves.
    OM Shanti
    Dua Aset!

    Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"


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      North Node in Gemini, OK, but it´s oppossed to my Sun and Ascendant, both in Saggitarius.
      Looks somewhat worrying...and hard.


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        Sagittarius North Nodes/Gemini South Node

        Here from Jan Spiller's must read book "Astrology for the Soul" is a a list of attributes that people with Sagittarius North Nodes/Gemini South Node need to work on developing to forward their life's purpose:

        Attributes to Develop

        Work on these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents:

        Reliance on intuition, prophetic abilities, and invisable guidance.

        Speaking from Higher Consciousness

        Spontaneity - developing a sense of freedom and adventure

        Direct communication free from censorship

        Trusting oneself

        Spending time alone and in nature


        Intuitive listening - hearing the meaning behind the words

        And here from Jan Spiller are tendencies for Sag NN/GemSN folk like Cloudspartner to work on leaving behind:

        Second-guessing what other people are thinking.


        Perpectually seeking more information.

        Saying what others want to hear.

        Invalidating intuitive knowing with logic.


        Impatience, wanting immediate answers.

        Trusting other's perceptions instead of one's own - including others' perceptions about oneslef.


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          Sorry I am lost really dont know much about the stars etc. I cant figure it out to even try to form an opinion.

          lady bless,


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            Aw, the link doesn't work anymore.
            With Capricorn SN I'm definitely scared of being dependent on anyone but me....marriage, babies, that more Cancerian stuff scares the heebeegeebees out of me.


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              what if my North Node (gemini) is in retrograde? what does that mean??? :S

              thank you faeawyn


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                Originally posted by Maiden Zafirbel
                what if my North Node (gemini) is in retrograde? what does that mean??? :S
                Nothing - the Nodes are always retrograde. At least, the "mean node" is always retrograde - the "true node" (which can be a degree or two different from the mean node) is usually retrograde. It spends a few days a month being not retrograde.


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                  Hello Zafirbel,

                  It means you are normal because actually everyone's North Node is "retrograde" - but this is not exactly correct word usage, because the NN isn't a thing. It is a pointer, a direction. It isn't a planet or asteroid. The NN direction pointer travels backwards through the zodiac, so they call it "retrograde" but there is no meaning in calling it that.

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                    Mine seems to be opposite of Kadynas'......

                    I have NN 9 Aries 37'38" 10th House and SN Libra 4th House.....and yep , I too have Libra Sun, same as my SN. I notice the only aspect to the NN , listed on my chart is a Sesquiquadrate to neptune. Not that I know what that is. So, i'm wondering if my SN Libra @ 9 degrees is in aspect to my Uranus 1 Libra 22'20" ( chart doesn't show this )? Not certain if that's a conjunction.

                    I can tell you that it's not that easy having my NN Aries/SN Libra, plus having sun , moon, mercury Libra all opposite Saturn Aries!


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                      I like my North Node. It's in Aries in the 3rd with no aspects forming to it. Sometimes I don't speak-up for myself when I really ought to.


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                        This is an OK link:



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                          Cancer NN - Capricorn SN

                          From "Astrology For The Soul" by Jan Spiller

                          Cancer NN:

                          Attributes to develop:

                          Noticing and validating feelings


                          Nurturing and supporting others

                          Building one's own foundation and security

                          Honest disclosure of feelings and insecurities


                          Accepting others' foibles and fluctuating moods without judgement

                          Staying centered in ones own feelings

                          Tendencies To Leave Behind:

                          Needing to control everything and everybody

                          Compulsion to take charge without fully undersatnding the situation

                          Ignoring the process, being too fixated on the goal

                          Feeling completely responsible for everything

                          Hiding feelings and fears in intimate relationships

                          Doing things to gain respect or admiration from others

                          Taking care of others' feelings and neglecting one's own

                          Doing what is "socially acceptable" rather than what is honest

                          Thinking that things need to be difficult to be important


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                              So, what if my North Node in Scorpio is in the 4th House, conjunct Uranus, but Uranus is retrograde?


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                                Originally posted by solstice428
                                So, what if my North Node in Scorpio is in the 4th House, conjunct Uranus, but Uranus is retrograde?
                                Hi, Solstice - welcome to Mystic Wicks!

                                Any planet on the "nodal axis" (conjunct the North Node or the South Node) is going to be emphasised; I would see those Uranian traits as part of your destiny - perhaps you'll be a famous revolutionary, or astrologer, or scientist.

                                Uranus is retrograde for half the year - personally, I don't take much notice of retrograde outer planets.