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North Nodes - our soul's agenda

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  • Valkie
    So... here's one for you. I looked into karmic astrology at one time... confused the hell out of me for this simple reason.

    The site that I went to said that the sun placement in karmic also indicated where we needed our soul to grow and to focus our attention of developing the better qualities of that sign. I've got a Taurus sun & SN in Taurus. nope... couldn't figure that one out


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  • ~*Ginger*~
    Your North Node is where your soul is trying to go, what it is here to learn this life and your South Node is where your soul has achieved some mastery in past lives.
    Ok, my NN is Virgo & SN is Pisces.
    I do have alot of persnickey Virgo tenances, like details and perfection.
    To the point of making myself crazy.

    So, I'm suppose to be going opposite of my sun sign (Pisces)?
    No wonder I feel like a fish out of water at times...

    And I also wonder if this may have alot to do with an attraction with Virgo's being friends & lovers.

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  • Kadynas
    Originally posted by RedRose
    From Jan Spiller's "Astrology For the Soul":
    I love that book! Don't have it anymore though...must've lost it when I moved. However I still have a copy of her "New Moon Astrology" which has a section on the Nodes.
    My North Node is 04 Libra (/very loosely/ conjunct Pluto at 14 Libra), and South Node is at 04 Aries across the 4th and 10th houses... Per Jan Spiller, Libra North Node people are: Learning to relax their focus on personal survival, Challenged with a tendency to project their standards onto others, Learning tac and diplomacy, Overcoming self-consciousness by learning to focus their attention on others, Learning to be sensitive to the feelings of others, Discovering the strength of teamwork.

    I would mostly agree with this, however the thing that puzzles me is that my Sun, while not conjunct my south node, is also in pretty much I'm supposed to be moving opposite of my basic nature?? Also I'll be interested when you get to house interpretation, since my north node is in the 4th, which would seem to put more of an emphasis on family life, while sometimes I think that I'm too dependent on my family and need to break away. I also do not plan on having any children (and I have the moon in the 4th! ) so I tend to be more focused on my career and my upcoming marriage than the traditional family issues. In short I totally agree that I need to work with Libra issues, but I'm not sure how the 4th and 10th houses fit into this for someone like me - a balance of family and career? Or should I be leaning towards one or the other? The only thing that seems to strike me is that I would love to work for myself at home...

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  • RedRose
    Yes, you guys have got the method here. According to astrology, your soul is here to develop the positive traits of your Node North sign and let go of the negative traits of your South Node signs. It is great for the purpose of comparison that you two have flipped Nodes too.

    From Jan Spiller's "Astrology For the Soul":

    North Node in Taurus


    Awareness of boundaries

    Taking things one step at a time

    A sense of self worth

    Awareness of personal values


    Honoring expressed needs of self and other

    Enjoying the 5 physical senses


    Awareness of nurturing from Mother Earth




    Attraction to crisis situations

    Overconcern with other people's business


    Inappropriate intensity

    Judgemental tendancies

    Preoccupations with the psychological motivations of others

    Resistance to cooperating with what other people want


    Destroying something in order to eliminate one part

    Obsessive-compulsive tendancies

    NN in Scorpio


    Choosing constructive change

    Releasing whatever causes stagnation and low energy

    Eliminating non-useful possessions

    Enjoying things without having to own them

    Accepting support from others (ideas, money, opportunities)

    Enjoying high-risk situations that make one feel alive

    Awareness of other's psychology (their desires, wants, needs and motives)

    Openess to partnering, supporting, and merging power with others


    Attachment to comfort and the status quo


    Overconcern with accumulation and ownership

    Questioning past decisions


    Getting bogged down in sensual appetites

    Repeatedly doing things one way (the hard way) even though another way is easier

    Resistance to change and other people's imput


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  • Autumn Clair
    Hi RedRose,
    Do we look at the Houses or Signs. You described my Houses it was in. But My north node is 02' in Pisces and that would make it Pisces and Virgo. Can you tell me that? Plus one more thing. My first House is in two signs Mostly Capricorn and the rest in Aquarius.Don't you have to look at both signs then?
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  • banondraig
    how interesting . . .

    hmm, i'm the opposite of sylv. nn scorpio, w/uranus on the same degree, sn taurus. venus is also hanging out near nn, 2 degrees away. so i need to learn how to be mysterious, manipulative, & be ok w/death & change? i guess especially change, due to uranus.

    i do have a horrible jealous streak, which i try to keep to myself. not that that works. although i'm not proud of it, i have been known to "back-stab" rivals in subtle ways. the uranus being there i'm sure is important, but in the context of scorpio & conjunction w/venus, i'm a little overwhelmed trying to sort out all that information. maybe i'm supposed to learn to be kinky in this life?
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  • Sylv
    Ok, I'll play. No clue what I'm doing though! :D
    North Node: Taurus (a bit Aries too)
    South Node: Scorpio (I'm assuming with a bit of Libra thrown in)

    In the past, I was good at being mysterious. I've mastered how to keep secrets, and grudges (both true), and have a finely toned ability to manipulate, which I think is fine. Manipulation is not a dirty word! Of course, I also have the habit and keeping parts of me sectioned off from everyone-I don't feel comfortable exposing certain things to daylight. I was reading and it was mentioned Scorpios may have a 'thing' for death (physical or just major changes)....I'm comfortable in cemetaries (really like them, actually) and it's easy for me to change things in my life. In fact, it's more of a necessity-I'm a military brat, and love moving. It seems like I've picked up a lot of habits....I think the Libra comes in in that I'm good at sweet-talking people into liking me (goes along with manipulation) and I'm a bit obsessive about relationships in this life. *pouts* It annoys me that I've never had a boyfriend.
    So that's where I'm coming from.
    As to where I'm going-Taurus with a bit of Aries. Those would be my moon and sun signs, respectively. As RedRose already said,
    Taurus North Node folk are here to create exquisite intimacy, to radiate high values, to create stable environments, cozy homes and worlds, and model ethical prosperity. nice as mysteriousness is, it's not exactly cozy. I probably need to work on making people feel more comfortable around me (people tell me I'm intimidating, but I try not to be-it's silly what some people are intimidated by!). The intimacy I'm here to create seconds the idea of no secrets. I've already started doing that....I don't think anyone knows *all* of me, but the people I love know a lot. A cozy world-well, I'd like to be a diplomat so it'd be nice to stabilize the planet! The Aries bit implies I should be willing to be a leader, probably be a leader in creating coziness!!! *grin* That's all I have-this is fun. :D

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  • RedRose
    started a topic North Nodes - our soul's agenda

    North Nodes - our soul's agenda

    North/South Node work is my favorite thing. However, it is not an easy area because it pushes us to change and learn. When doing horoscopes for people who are not particularly on a spirtual growth path, I have learned to talk about the North Node very lightly and gradually. When the person is an elder, I might not mention it at all, because who wants to learn that they forgot to do what they were suppose to do this life and who am I to tell someone such a thing?

    Again our North and South Nodes are an opposition. Whatever sign your North Node is in, your South Node is in the opposite sign (Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, Virgo-Pisces...or vice versa, Libra-Aries, Scorpio-Taurus and so forth).

    Your North Node is where your soul is trying to go, what it is here to learn this life and your South Node is where your soul has achieved some mastery in past lives.

    Thus if you have an Aquairus North Node this life, you have a Leo South Node and you were probably a King, a Queen, or a Rock Star, or other famous public person in your past life or lives. You have charisma and you kind of expect everyone to simply "get that" about you and respond to your powers. Problem is, all those great Leo skills don't work for you this life. You have them, you are good at them, but they don't work anymore because your soul wants to learn NEW skills and evolve.

    With an Aquarius North Node, you need to learn how to do group, not worry about shining as an individual. You are here to be an innovator, to be a paradigm shifter, a non-leader leader, to develop deep friendships, to fight authoritarianism and egotism. You still get to be special, but only by understanding that everyone is special and by dedicating yourself to win/win/win dynamics.

    So look at your chart and find your North Node. Start by just considering the sign it is in. We will consider what Houses your Nodes are in a bit later. Whatever sign it is in, your South Node is in the opposite sign. What do you see?