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  • monsnoleedra
    If it were me I'd initially think of the story of the Sword in the Stone and having the stone. But to be honest that would only last for a few seconds before I'd turn to another aspect of Arthurian lore. That being The King and The Land are One and Arthur is the the stone of the land or the land itself. As long as Arthur is healthy the land is healthy and thriving, bountiful and fruitful, it has fertility and fecundity. If Arthur is ill or dying then so to is the land.

    It implies, to me anyway, that you have a choice to make. You can have the land that is ill and dying which suggests it is no longer thriving, lacks fertility and fecundity. That or you can have the stone, a land that is healthy and thriving, bountiful and fruitful, having fertility and fecundity.

    Basically a land that is either green or brown, having nothing to do with the influence of winter or summer.

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  • Yanglong
    started a topic King Arthur stone

    King Arthur stone

    If you had a dream that referenced King Arthur, somewhere in the past, saying to you that you "could have the stone" .....what do you suppose that could mean?