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Ryeongki (the Five Directions) Energy Healing

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  • Ryeongki (the Five Directions) Energy Healing

    안녕하세요! I'm the founder of the Korean reiki equivalent of energy healing. The Five Directions animal guardians had shown me what they wanted me to learn and I've been testing it out on willing participants and clients. So far, so good (it's been about a year).

    I'm welcoming another free group test session of ten minutes on this Saturday at 4PM PST. If you're interested, simply comment with your name (or alias) and full birthdate! The group healing session will work like this:

    Everyone will be linked to a singular poppet on which I will do a cleansing (taking the negative energy sludge and burning it) and brief 기 alignment.

    Remember this is a FREE 10min session - as such the effects will not last longer than the day or two.
    Call me Mivi.
    무속인 (Korean Shaman).
    "Money can move the gods."
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