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Candle dressing oil diy.

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  • Candle dressing oil diy.

    Small sterilized glass jar. Two tbsps virgin olive oil. Two teaspoons cinnamon powder from a fresh recently bought cinnamon powder spice jar. Mix in jar. Place in sunlight and/or near a lighted white or ivory candle for a time .Bless the candle dressing oil in your own way/method. Shake jar before each use as the cinnamon will sink into a layer when unused. I mix small quantities and make new regularly. Optional is adding a small quartz crystal or other stone if you prefer some other stone or a stone of the fire element.

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    What does the cinnamon correspond to?
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      Cinnamon fire element. Use of cinnamon solar plant with purifying and protective qualities. Cinnamon brings solar power to any magickal working. Cinnamon as other spices can represent prosperity money.Invokes/enhances the fire element. Can be used in love and happiness charms,spells, amulets. A lot of cassia is sold as cinnamon. In magick I use genuine cinnamon. I have been making this candle blessing oil many years.
      A little cinnamon in coffee or cocoa is warming, good for digestion.


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        Making a little jar of candle dressing oil.