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No idea who my guides are

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  • No idea who my guides are

    Back in my 20s I meditated often. For a couple years. Not 100% consistent though. Then I went back at it in my mid 30s. For some reason I cannot for the life of me learn who my guides are. I’ve tried guided meditation and everything. Only one friend ever showed up. An iguana. So I do know I have a green friend lol. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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    Not trying to be an arse here but why do you think you have guides? If you go back to the 80's and even prior to that the idea of guides really did not exist in the occult / pagan community as a whole. The idea of guides didn't become an idea in the community until you started to see the inclusion of shamanic and to a degree first nation idea's being incorporated into pagan practices. By then nearly all guided meditations and nearly all 101 books started pushing the idea that you had to have a guide as part of your practice. Sort of like the idea that to be a witch you had to have a familiar which crossed over from the sorcery trials and children literature.

    Again not trying to be an arse but really have you think about why you need a guide. I follow a shamanic pathway and guides are part of the pathway but more often than not an animal is an animal even within a dream or vision to us. Within the mundane world the presence of an animal is exceptionally more likely just an animal being an animal and nothing more. When something moves into the the realm of being a guide or messenger things change to such a surreal condition or situation there is seldom any room for doubt. Sort of like when wolf rips you to shreds and has a talk with each part as he puts it back together again to rebuild you. Not much room for debate.

    Occasionally though I admit the idea of Anthropomorophic guides do arise especially when people seem to think they are therianthropes of some sort themselves. Not to say just therianthropes only have or experience this as some who follow certain divinities also experience the anthropomorphic divinities such as Bastet in her human like cat form for instance. As such people may or might experience shape-shifting or shift-shaping experiences with guides where they themselves turn into animal forms to experience certain "medicines" or abilities of said creatures. But again people have been doing that in some capacity long before the idea of guides came along as part of the pagan / occult community and often as children.


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      That was actually very informative. Had no idea guides were a new thing lol. But that’s why I need to have dialogue with other people.

      I then wonder though... if there are no guides then who’s showing up and telling people names in other people’s journeys?

      the reason I believed guardians and guides exist are from reading near death experience and reincarnation stories. Everyone recalls having someone assigned to them. What do think about that?


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        When you deal with Near Death Experiences (N.D.E.) and Reincarnation situations that falls into a different scenario. N.D.E.'s tend to often pertain to ancestor encounter's or possibly past life situations. Of course the past life situation may also cross over into the possibility of a past life situation or recall. In some culture's or context's that also where you'll potentially encounter the idea of split soul's, soul fragments, soul partners, spirit spouses, etc. What makes each of those concepts difficult though is each may have similar yet entirely different definitions regarding how each culture or sub-culture views them. The bad thing, IMHO, is that within modern occultism & paganism each has been given a generic definition which tries to clump them together and dilutes what they actually mean within the context of their origins.

        It's like consider how many "Guided" meditations there are out there. So you do the meditation do off into some vision or dream state and encounter some creature and discover a guide. Then your question is who showed up and is telling you what you'll see and give you the name? That's easy to answer, the person who guided you in the meditation. They've prepared the mental picture and construct that you'll encounter within the meditation. It's all suggestive which is why nearly everyone present will have similar outcomes.

        I recall when I first was going through things my teachers absolutely refused to tell me what I would encounter or what to expect. It was only when I came back that we discussed it and then spoke of what was seen, what was felt, how it felt, what I thought, all of it. The pain in my legs from sitting wrong was something to guide and teach me, the breathing to teach and guide, all of it served a purpose just as observing both within and without. Observing the day and the night. Watching the shadows in the tree's and what was there and honestly what wasn't but was created by my own mind and took shape, form, and created it's own voice and sound to give it a body. People go on and on about the astral but forget all that lies both within and without you project within the confines of the mind as well as outside the body and many times it's a fine line between the two. even down to who and what is speaking within and without.

        It's like I'm a male but I have memories that are clearly not mine and are before I was born. Some I know to be my mother's and occurred before my conception. A few I can not prove but suggest they belong to my grandmother and occurred before my mother's conception and are like dream's to me. Fragments of people and places distorted in time and connection. Yet how could or should this be? Yet I have spoken to my mother about these memories and verified a few of them to be hers. Blood memories? It would seem so. If those lie within my deep subconscious then what other things lay there to speak to me or provide guidance to me? WE call them Guardians but how many are simply the voices of our ancestors?

        Yet like I said I also follow a shamanic inspired pathway so the idea of guides, allies, etc play a crucial role in my pathway. Allies take the form of both plants and animals and have spoken to me and guided me. Some via ingesting them others by inspiration or to be honest tearing you apart and putting you back together again. Some culture's believe we may have as many as 7 to 12 separate guides about us at any time during our lives. Some come to us at the time of our birth and will be with us through the duration of our lives. Other will come and go, some will be what are called shadow guides and serve to teach us about the darker aspects of our nature or individual selves. But those guides can be ancestors, spirits, aspects of our own character, what the ancients used to call daemons or even our own demons we keep hidden within .


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          My personal experience is that there are spirits that walk with each individual. Depending on the powers/energies that the individual is attuned to....the spirits will naturally be aligned with said nature. In addition to core spirit allies, there is an enormous variety of Beings out there that are interacting with our sphere. It's an entire subtle ecosystem.

          When you walk into a forest, swim in the ocean, visit a church or go to a graveyard....your rubbing shoulders with many varied forms of consciousness whether you realize it or not.

          Here's a simple technique: Say a prayer to your spirit allies and ask them what kind of offerings they'd like to receive? Get into a very clear meditative state before you do this and see what responses you get. Then, gradually start building that relationship via regular offerings. Continually make the effort to open up the dialogue.