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    Hello, I'm wondering how the female aspects in Kabbalah are represented or honoured since in Christianity and Judaism the woman is 'banished' if you know what I mean.

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    in the study of the Kaballah, the Tree of life is comprised of 10 seperioth, (spheres)

    Each of the Ten spheres are situated on one of three pillars, as shown in this image below.

    The Left hand pillar holds 3 spheres, these are the Feminine Qualities,
    The Middle Pillar holds 4 and the right holds 3 (masculine)

    The Left hand Pillar (feminine) is associated with the Pillar of Judgment
    While the Right opposes with its pillar of Mercy
    Standing between the two is the middle pillar which serves to balance the left and the right with the pillar of spiritual stability
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      I think your wrong about Judaism and the female aspect. give me a bit and ill cite the tract. does anyone read Hebrew here? also is anyone actually mideastern? how much is known without speculation? can you extract the alpeh-tav /nikkud from the tetragramaton?


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        in the tree in its paths 411 is in the letter to number. its the letters below the crown. are there any Talmudist here?


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          26/1 Y*VH 52/2 weeks a year x 7 days god made it =364+1 day of rest.=365.....364x3=1029x2-41=2017 error in the solar clock. 364x3=1092x2-41=2143 correct math, the reason why you call it 21st century AND the year in Tibet.

          im not sure what you know, and what you do not know. are you aware that it is used to keep time?... 364x3=1092 is the solar outline of the dead sea scrolls. 354x3+30=1092. that is how the sabbatical year supliments adar 2. does anyone suspect Christianity started on a leap year? also do you think a rebel sect of the first book started it? it starting to look that way. these are statements in the form of a question. the authenticity of what im saying is there. the only speculative part is the sect (essenes) sadducees ect...


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            to number them properly use Hebrew letter to number. the numbers of the paths are the way to climb the tree. you have a get a copy of gematria calculator and put the letters to number IN the circles and the paths.