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  • Softness

    What is the softest thing?

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    Hello! I am always used to being a little different. I order the service here. And take the GFE. Really great and convenient service. I prefer a little tenderness in bed, soft sex. I like to kiss in French. With them you can always walk in a friendly and cute way, go to an impromptu picnic. And after sex, I can ask, for example, to braid her hair or comb in a position, we are both naked and she is able to sit between her legs with her back to me. My last girlfriend also teased me cool


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      Hello! I love soft medium boobs, golden skin and black hair. No one is so tender and can simultaneously frantically ****, having sex without a trace. My last purchase was gentle and sensual having sex with me while sitting on a wide windowsill. She wore warm, high knee-high socks with pom-poms. Deep wet kisses, juicy lips, soft large nipples, infinitely long legs and a slender waist. I felt like the kidnapper of a fairy elf.