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The Wyrd Rune-Did it ever exist?

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    Um, that's the debate, Hazel... does it exist? I don't know any Asatruar that use it. You'd think that since runes are a cornerstone of their religion, they'd have an inkling of it's existence, validity, etc.
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      Yep your absolutely right Rick, there does not seem to be any historical evidence relating directly to it. When i have used it in readings before and my querent has picked out a blank rune their first reaction is often one of suprise and "oh i have picked one without a symbol on" or "i have picked a dud or faulty rune" and they somehow seem dissapointed or (and) puzzled that there is no symbol to represent that stage of the reading. So i now use the rune included in R i Pages book an introduction to english runes, the one i mentioned above that has no meaning or name and i use that to represent the mystery rune, that way at least my querent can see some kinda symbol to represent it.


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        (It's old, I know)

        I thought the "Wyrd Rune" was the combination of all rune shapes, not the blank rune stone?
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