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Silly question about Tarot cleansing

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  • Silly question about Tarot cleansing

    OK, I've only recently starting learning tarot and need some advice from some of you Tarot Sages out there. Bear with me.

    For cleansing, I smudged my deck when I first got it and placed it on my altar overnight with an amethyst stone on it to charge it.
    Should I cleanse my deck after each reading, either a reading for myself or someone else?

    Also, do I need to arrange my deck so that all cards face the same way before I put them away?

    I have 3 tarot books and none of them say anything about this. It's just one of those little things, I guess.

    Thanks in advance and blessed be,

    Here in body if not in mind.

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    I usually cleanse my cards after every reading, it seems to be that that's what they like.. :D

    Also, I don't think it matters if you have all the cards facing the same way when you put them away.. I don't use reversed cards, so I'm not very sure on this...


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      I think it really depends on what your personal cards tend to like. I cleansed mine when I got them, and keep one deck in a special bag, and the other in an egyptian box, but other than that, I don't do anything after my readings. Though evey so often they do want a good cleaning, and a night in the moon light. I'd say listen to them and find out what they want/like. Than, go from there.
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        Not a silly Q at all

        Its a really good question actually! I bet lots of people wonder about this as I did at first ~ especially about turning the cards the right way round.

        But I dont do either after every reading. I cleanse my cards with sage every year (or sometimes when I feel they really need it) for Samhain, and sometime keep crystals with them depending on my and there mood
        I dont re shuffle and turn all my cards around after a reading ~ I just simple put them back in my bag or box (depending on deck like Ank) and rest them there until my next time I take them out. The I make sure I or my querrant gives them a really good shuffle to liven them up again, and then we ask them out questions...

        Id say as Ank & Flaire and adopt your own speical way that is good for you and your cards! :D
        Good Luck!
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          I agree guys.

          Just shuffling between readings or banging your deck on the table is good for dispersing energies sometimes. I just listen to what my deck has to say about it