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  • Shuffling.

    No, this is not, "Whats the best way to shuffle?".... But, how do YOU shuffle your deck? When do you know when to stop? Do you shuffle for a certain amount of times, or do you just do it until you feel you should stop? Do you feel a tugging/inner voice to stop shuffling?

    This is something i have been thinking about - and i'm just curious as to how others shuffle, as it is so varied.

    With me, i focus on the persons information whilst shuffling, i get a weird feeling, it's like a feeling building up as i focus strongly on the persons info, then i just get a feeling to suddenly stop and pull the cards.

    I have read that you may feel a tugging sensation, something i've never felt. I just get a feeling - something builds up, and i know when to stop.

    What about everyone else?
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    I have always believed that if it feals right to you you cant stop at a wrong time for if you bring in self doubt you will mess up more then the shuffel.


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      hmmmm...I don't get a tugging's more like a 'calming' feeling that tells me "that's enough"

      I've just started reading tarot this I don't know if that will change with time or not. *shrug*
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        i shuffle slowly, watching the image on the backs of the cards, which to me, is kinda trance inducing. i clear my mind of everything but the situation or question. then i feel this energy coming from the deck, into my hands, up my arms, slowly building, and when it's built up to a point i feel it's time to stop and draw the cards. didn't intend to do it that way, it just sort of happened...
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          I shuffle a few times, cut in three a shuffle a bit more. I don't shuffle for a certain number of times, I don't feel energy or something building up, I just say for myself "ok, that's enough". It seems to work, so far.
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            I tend just to shuffle the cards and keep shuffling until I feel that I'm done.

            I used to have a system, a very time-consuming system based on threes there for a while. Then I just didn't feel the need to do it any more for some reason.


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              I shuffle until I don't feel like it anymore.


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                the cards tell me when to stop, a important thing to learn about reading the cards is let them do the work.. quit stressing over the so called "correct way" do what feels ight, become one with your deck and they will tell you what to do and say and when to do and say it!! {my Grandmas rule, that is how she taught me}

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                  Three times, before and after the reading, after cutting in half. Then cut the deck again while asking question.


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                    uh, actually, I have no set "rule". Sometimes I "feel" something telling me to stop. Sometimes my cards are reluctant to shuffle, so I stop, sometimes I don't feel like shuffling anymore, so I stop, and sometimes I "see" a hand that tells me to stop. I just go with the flow, and I've had people tell me that the cards were pretty accurate using all of those methods. *shrug*
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                      Hmm, I'm not sure what each method is called, but I shuffle my own deck much like you would a set of playing cards, minus the trick where you bend them into a concave form to allow them to fall smoothly back together (this will cause one of the halves to become reversed and I do not read reversed cards, though I am quite good at the concave trick, I can even do it upside down.) Before I do anything though I will fan them out and blow on the cards from left to right while reciting the inquiry in my head.

                      I also grab the entire deck so that it is on its side and pick a few up from the back and drop them on the top-side of the deck as well as let gaps open up in the deck and drop some there for a very thorough shuffling.

                      I use both methods each time, switching to the other method when I feel the one I'm currently using has sufficiently worked. Usually I do each about 2-3 times and I simply know when the cards are ready to be laid out. I would not consider it a tugging feeling per se, more of a confident "It's time, lay them out now."

                      This is when I proceed to lay the deck down, cut it into three piles and re-assemble it before finally laying the cards out. The entire time I am shuffling I focus and repeat the inquiry in my mind over and over.
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                        I get this weird feeling up my spine, like an electric volt that makes me shiver. It gets really intense, and when it reaches a certain point, I deal the cards.


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                          I shuffle them like a deck of cards only alot more gently. I dont want the edges to scuff. I then cut the deck in half

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