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    I am hopeing someone can recommend a book on Tarot.I have a basic book on Tarot and its meanings but I am hopeing to find something else.Maybe a book on its historey,differnt decks,spreads exc. Something like a all inclusive book if there is such a thing?

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    78 Degrees of Wisdom by Pollack
    Complete Guide of Tarot Reverals by Greer
    Tarot for Yourself workbook by Greer

    All of those are good, the workbook may be what you want to start with, since it has exercises and spreads.
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      I love 78 Degrees of Wisdom!! I am thinking about getting the Greer book on Reversals. I sorta develped my own meanings to the cards that come out would be interesting to read what a top tarot expert thinks about reversals.

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        Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis is an excellent book for beginners.

        Also, this website has loads of good info on tarot cards... It's based on Joan Bunning's book.
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          "Tarot Universe" by Nancy Shavick - this is a link to Chapter 1.

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            I'm on my third or fourth copy of 'The Secret Tarot : Renaissance Symbols of Science, Magic and Myth Now Reveal the Future' by Jane lyle. Same with 'The Tarot Workbook' by Angeles Arrien. If I could only have two books, these are the two I'd choose.

            The first one has lots of basic information on spreads, the history of the tarot, how the cards relate to each other, reversals, and a lot more. I pretty much use it on a daily basis because she presents the interpretation of each card in a way that is realistic and yet as positive as possible. The second book not only explains the symbolism of each card, it offers affirmations, explains why we are drawn to certain cards at certain times, has tons of very useful spreads, and teaches about the numerology of the tarot. It doesn't deal with reversals, but it does talk about what issues you are dealing with when you're drawn to a particular card and I've found that just as useful. It was written as a companion of the Toth deck, which I don't use, and it's still been quite helpful to me.