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  • Shuffling your deck

    How do you prefer to shuffle your deck? I never realized how hard it is to explain shuffling before

    One way I do it is to do the old poker shuffle a few times (taking it easy on the cards to keep them straight). Then I hold the deck in one hand, take half of the deck in my free hand, and let cards slide down to the front and the back of the deck. I'll do this until I feel ready to lay out the spread.

    Sometimes I'll let the cards do something like "the wave," letting them play into my cupped palm over and over. Every time, the deck will separate itself into two parts. I take the top card at the separation and apply it to what wwas on my mind.

    How about you?
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    My cards fall and slide all over the place,its gonna take me some time to handle them,I dont want to bend them,Im not very good at shuffling them either,if one slides off,and falls down,I think the Goddess did it,LOL


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      I will usually do the poker shuffle myself the first time or two just to get them nice and mixed up. Then I hold the cards sideways in my hand and just continue to shuffle them front, back and middle, until I feel it's right to lay them out.
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        the important thing is that when you shuffle, you are able to establish randomness in your shuffle, and you want to use your whole hands as much as possible, this helps you to subcounsciously arrange the cards...

        remember, we are communicating with the divine mind via our subconscious.. the less we have to think about the shuffle the more focused our readings will be..

        focus more on the question while you are shuffleing, no matter how you shuffle.. your readings will be more dynamic..
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          For me it depends on what the deck wants ... sometimes they like cardshark shuffle (standard bridge shuffle), but mostly what I do (and also how I choose cards for readings) is that I swirl the cards around the table it a big mooshpile ... moving them 'round and 'round. When I get a tingly feeling off of a card it goes into the reading, or when cards flip over or become obvious outliers, I figure they want to be seen for some reason too.

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            my shuffling depends on the deck because they are different sizes - I have the DruidCraft Tarot and it's HUGE - I can't shuffle them normally so I just kind of twiddle with them for a while. The Goddess Tarot is smaller so I can still do a bridge with them (this shuffles things best I find). I also have a nordic deck but I think I've only used it once or twice - didn't connect with it really.

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              I am the only person among my siblings and neice to be unable to do a poker shuffle. Also, my cards are VERY big and stiff, and I don't want to ruin them.

              So, I just cut the deck and then shuffle it the normal way, and sometimes I shuffle it so that half the deck gets reversed. It pretty much depends on how long I'm willing to shuffle them otherwise, because not only is my deck a larger than normal, one of my friends said my hands were tiny.

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                I do that "taking cards and moving them around throughout the deck" type shuffle that those who can't for the life of them do a poker shuffle do haha. My cards didn't like it when i tried to do the other anyway.

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