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Any suggestion on a Tarot deck?

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  • Any suggestion on a Tarot deck?

    Hey there,
    I'm new to this type of devination and was curious if anyone had a particular deck that they feel is better for beginners to start with? I have a deck, but it is just to vague for me.

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    There are many tarot decks available. The Rider Waite deck is widely used, as many people feel that the energy of each card is portrayed very clearly. The Tarot of the Old Path is popular amongst those who are drawn to white witchcraft and nature-based religions, and the Cosmic Tarot is useful for those who prefer a deck with fewer symbols. The decks that we carry on this site are ones we feel have been created with good intention and with a thorough knowledge of the tarot.

    Over time, we can all develop sensitivity to the energies symbolised by the tarot, but it helps to choose a good deck, whose creator was clear enough in himself to illustrate the cards energies accurately. What may seem the clearest deck to others may not appeal to you so, when selecting a deck, use your intuition and choose one with which you feel an affinity.
    (Source Holisticshop-dot-co-dot-uk) Sorry for cut and paste reply but thats a better way than I can put it. If you are asking for reccomendations then I'd suggest looking at the Robin Wood, Thoth and Gilded decks as they speak volumes (and thats what you want) to myself and alot of people I know. Good luck finding your deck!
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      I second the suggestion for the Robin Wood tarot. It's widely available and the imagery is very easy to work with.

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        Another way to chose a deck is to pick one that appeals to you in imagery and your spirtual beliefs. For me I
        I started out with The Rider Waite deck and the Egyptian deck ( by C barrett).

        I have a deck, but it is just to vague for me.
        What is the deck you have?
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          For beginners the Rider Wait type tarot is easiest to learn as there is much written about them. They are the ones generally used for book descriptions. I personally still use them after several years. I have others that I occassionally use, but the Rider Waite, and their derivatives are the favorite. I like the Robin Wood Tarot as well.


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            The deck I have is called "Quick n Easy" by some gaming company. I bought it at a cult shop in Riverside California but I think I got robbed. These cards have a little guide with them, but when I have used them, they don't visually display to me what the meaning is based on the guide. I think I am going to try the wiate deck. I have looked at them on the net and they are very well done. Not to much detail but enough to give the point.

            thanks to all and Blessings,
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              Well good luck to you Paije and hope to see you back in here soon
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                Originally posted by Paije View Post
                was curious if anyone had a particular deck that they feel is better for beginners to start with?
                Well it really depend son what strikes your fancy. Some one mentioned the RW decks were best because of the volume of material on it. And that's true, but I HATE the RW deck. It's utterly silent for me whenever I've tried to read with it.

                There are RW clones out there though. And some very non-standard decks that have their own full-length books explaining the deck.

                So here's my list of "beginner decks." Check the links and see what you think of the sample cards.

                Cosmic Tarot - This is actually based on classic movies, but I found the imagery and meaning very close to the Rider-Waite while still being it's own thing.

                Robin Wood - Sort of RW based, but with heavy pagan themes.

                Hanson-Roberts - a sweet deck that is illustrated in the style of children's fairy tales. Very readable I think.

                Tarot of the Cat People - Surprisingly close to the RW meaning of the cards, but it's all about cats.

                The Dragon Tarot - an RW clone deck that has dragons instead of people.

                Fenestra Tarot - This has very traditional imagery (again, RW) but the art style is close to that of Japanese Manga or Korean Manwah.

                Osho-Zen - Not a traditional deck at all but VERY readable and a great deck to get a feel for divination via tarot.
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                  This thread is from last year, but I still think it's helpful in this type of discussion. Enjoy!

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                  See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

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                    EDIT: Never mind.....I haven't Had enough caffeine this morning :P
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                      I'm a beginner too, and I can tell that there are differences between decks! So don't be discouraged if your first deck isn't easy to read. Try a different deck and it might work.

                      I get best results with my Zerner Farber deck. I also have a Classic deck and Art Nouveau deck but find reading them difficult at the moment.


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                        I find that tarot decks are a very personal choice - and a deck that speaks clearly to one person can be enormously confusing to another. That said, I can only give my perspective...

                        I had the same problem as you at first. I didn't like the art on the Rider-Waite (and I still don't), and I believe that there's very little point to reading with a deck if you can't stand the pictures on the cards. So, I bought the Gendron deck, and although it is very beautiful (especially the Major Arcana), it has extremely complex imagery and I didn't feel that I was getting anything but the most basic meanings out of it. I still can't really understand it, which makes me sad, because I do find this deck to be very beautiful and compelling.

                        So - I bought the Goddess Deck (Waldherr). From the first time I used it, the imagery spoke to me - it is very clear to me and I find it to be very easy to interpret. I will probably buy others in the future (I've got my eye on the Gilded Tarot), but this one currently works wonderfully for me.

                        Anyway - check out for a huge number of tarot decks to browse through, and I'm sure you will find one that suits your needs. If you dislike the imagery of the Quick and Easy Tarot - think long and hard before buying the Rider-Waite, since it appears that the imagery of the two decks are extremely similar.

                        Here's a list of recommended beginner decks... although I'd say that there are a lot more you could add to it...

                        Good luck in finding your perfect deck!

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                          I started reading cards with a normal deck of playing cards.

                          My first tarot deck was given to me, and I learned how to read tarot from it.

                          It is the Hanson-Roberts deck and is still among my favorites. The images (and symbols) are clear, the color subdued but expressive. I would recommend it to beginners.

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                            Universal Waite. MUCH nicer than the regular, boring Rider-Waite.


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                              Originally posted by SoulFire View Post
                              Universal Waite. MUCH nicer than the regular, boring Rider-Waite.
                              It's the same deck..The Universal Waite is more colorful but maintain's the same magickal and alchemical symbolism that was influence by Waite and PCS.

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