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Spread of the Week - 6/7/07 thru 6/14/07

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  • Spread of the Week - 6/7/07 thru 6/14/07

    Spread of the Week rules / instructions:

    1. A new spread will be posted weekly (hopefully I'll manage it every Thursday and we may change it to bi-weekly or monthly if weekly doesn't seem like enough time to get the readings done).

    2. If you'd like to attempt the spread and have a reading done for you using that spread in return, post in the thread.

    3. The first person to post will receive the first reading from the 2nd person to post, etc. So, whoever posts in front of you is who you read for, and whoever posts behind you is who is reading for you.

    4. The readings should be posted in the thread so that others can read them (after all, this is for the purposes of learning and we all learn better by reading over examples by others) UNLESS the reader deems that the information is too personal to be shared on an open board. If that is the case, then the reader should PM the person they are reading for, but post in the thread that the results were personal and their querent has been PM'd with the results of the reading.

    5. Do not post in the threads if you are not willing to read for others. This is a reading exchange, not a free reading.

    6. Use only the spread posted. You may use whatever deck you like.

    If anyone else can think of any additional questions or rules, please let me know and I'll edit this post. I think the rules should be posted as the first post every week.

    If you have a spread you'd like to submit for the "Spread of the Week", PM me and I'll add it to the queue. Potential spreads should be 10 cards or less, for ease of posting and to not overwhelm newbies who'd like to participate.

    As usual, the first person to respond will read for me, and I will read for the last person to respond.
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    See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

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    Continuing our CC series with Shatril's version below!

    You can use this with a significator or not. The querent should choose the significator for this one.


    The significator would be positionse above and to the left of 1 & 2. The first card is positioned upright in the middle with the second(2) care placed crosswise on top of it.

    1) Present influence
    2) Present events
    3) Past events
    4) Past influences
    5) Future Events
    6) Future Influences
    7) Environment
    8) Strengths
    9) Hopes and Fears
    10) Final Outcome

    It is also permissible to use clarification cards in any of the positions, by placing them next to the card to be clarified.
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    See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

    If "a gentle touch speaks volumes" imagine what a bitch-slap can do! ~ me


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      I guess I should say that if you have a specific question for these readings that you can feel free to ask it when you respond in the thread, or you can PM your reader with it.

      I'm learning alot from these CC permutations, how about you guys?
      :fpraise: All hail the mighty SEARCH function! :fpraiseyo

      See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

      If "a gentle touch speaks volumes" imagine what a bitch-slap can do! ~ me


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        I've never been very comfy with the CC, so doing these is giving me a new direction to push myself.

        I'll be happy to read you Lisa. (What's your prefered Significator, if you want one?)

        For my own... how about the Princess/Knight of Pentacles?
        And my question... What are the possibilities present in taking commissions again for some of my artistic endeavors?

        Each man performs his service to the Holy according to what he is, not according to what he is not; after all, the sacrifice must not surpass the proper measure of the worshiper. - Iamblichus


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          I'll read for Zephyrstorm.

          As for my question, how about:
          How should I help my creative projects reach completion?

          As for Significator:
          Queen of Wands

          I'm loving all the CC spreads! After trying to learn them first, and then giving up, this is helping it finally make sense!


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            Sorry Zephyr... should follow my own advice in my threads... LOL. My sig is the Queen of Swords.

            What direction is my coven going in?
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            See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

            If "a gentle touch speaks volumes" imagine what a bitch-slap can do! ~ me


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              Hi Foxfae - I'll read for you.

              I'll leave the significator up to you - if you wish to use one, you may - I would request the Queen of Swords - but if you don't normally use one, feel free not to.

              I think I'd like another general reading this week, if you don't mind.


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                I'll read for Brightshores!

                My question:
                How can I keep my creativty in check while in the Navy?

                My card:
                Page of Wands
                I danced within a circle, and a flower of light blossomed within my heart!

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                  so sorry I missed last last week- I have had an exciting one, to say the least! I'm in!

                  oops- my question- I am beginning to branch out in a new direction- how should I proceed?

                  sig- king of wands
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                    Me too, please!

                    I don't really have a significator. If you really want to use one, it might be the Queen of Pentacles, but that feels a little off.

                    I have entirely too many questions, but they sum to this: how can I get centered?
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                      For Brightshores

                      1) present influence: Ten of swords-The ending of a difficult situation.
                      2) present events: Eight of Cups(reversed)-Having to give something up, facing the truth and the only way to go is down.
                      3) past events: Six of Cups (reversed)- a need to test things from the past, maybe an old love or friend from the past, or a dream that may be possible that never was.
                      4) past influence: The Star (reversed)- The meaning of hope in the midst of difficulties, the releasing of many problmatic events.
                      5) future events: The Hanged Man (reversed)- The need for sacrifice for something of great value.
                      6) future influences: Seven of Pentacles (reversed)- difficult workdecisions, you need care and forethought.
                      7) Environment: Ten of Cups- On going contentment andpermanence in the realm of the heart.
                      8) Strengths: Four of Cups- Feelings of being let down or cheated.
                      9) Hopes and Fears: Page of Swords- You have a fear of Gossip! thats all I have to say on this card.
                      10) Final Outcome: King of Pentacles (reversed)- You are letting go of worldly things.

                      Right now I see a sort of abandonment or conflict in a relationship you have, though it has come to it's final confrontation. In the past you were pron to letting just happen as they come now you stood up to the situation. In the near future your going to have to deal with work issues. but in the long run will be content with your life, your going to alwayshave a fear of gossip but I beleive that will stem from your work environment. Your finallygoingto be the kindof person tha tis willing to let materialistic things go.
                      I danced within a circle, and a flower of light blossomed within my heart!

                      my deviantart


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                        I'd be happy to read for either Cat or Taleisyn (i'm a bit confused on that one)

                        Sorry I missed you guys last week too!

                        My sig is either the Queen of Cups or the Queen of Pentacles, depending on what you think would fit the reading better.

                        My question: I'm just getting back into an old hobby/organization, and I'd like to know how that's going and where I should focus my efforts.


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                          SentineledFirs--I'll read for you!

                          My Sig is The Empress. If there is a topic to focus on--I'm thinking work related.


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                            So far this is the order of the readings:

                            Zephyr for Lisa - DONE

                            FoxFae for Zephyr - DONE

                            Brightshores for FoxFae - DONE

                            pentacledreamer for Brightshores - DONE

                            Taliesyn for pentacledreamer

                            Cat for Taliesyn - DONE

                            SentineledFirs for Cat - DONE

                            mydnight for SentineledFirs - DONE

                            Lisa for mydnight - DONE

                            CLOSED to more readers. The next spread will be up shortly!
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                            See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

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                              Here ya go!
                              I choose the Queen of Cups as the significator. You are concerned for the emotional well being of others. Just be careful about being too overly concerned. Sometimes people need to make the mistakes in order for them to learn.

                              1) Present influence: The Star Star message is replenishment and faith. Know that the cycles of nature are true and natural and that after a hard time, a better one will follow. And when it comes, give yourself over to it—immerse yourself in the cool waters of faith ad the constant light of the Star. Know that your heart will be refreshes and your faith will be renewed. Be aware of lack of faith, of giving in to despair, of giving up, The Star promises hope. Don’t lose faith in that promise.

                              2) Present events: The Moon Moon message is as shadowy as a moonlit night. Pay attention to your dreams and your intuition. Face your fears, even if you do so a little at a time. Attend to your soul. Be aware of not seeing clearly, of being afraid of shadows, or of being led astray by shadowy images that aren’t what they seem.

                              3) Past events :4 of CupsYou not only have gifts at your disposal, you are being offered another at this moment. At the expense of current happiness, you are focusing on an idealized concept that does not exist. Be aware of the reverse and do not let go of healthy ideals that guide and shape your life for a shabby substitution. You must know the difference between convictions and fantasies.

                              4) Past influences:6 of Wands You are in a position to receive outward congratulations for your actions. You have done well and deserve to be recognized. Enjoy the accolades. Be aware of staying too long at the celebration. While it is right to celebrate achievement, do not rest too long on your laurels.

                              5) Future Events: Knight of Pentacles You have fought some battles and enjoyed some adventures. Now you’d like to rest and regroup, maybe spend some time enjoying quieter, more domestic scenes. Take some time off and make yourself feel safe, if necessary. You may need to adopt a protective or defensive stance. Be aware of resting on your laurels or stagnating. If you’ve had a traumatic experience, do not let it paralyze you or become an excuse for not moving forward.

                              6) Future Influences: 3 of Wands You have made a choice and now must wait for the results. Whether you are patient or impatient doesn’t really matter—it will not affect the outcome/. It is though, a good opportunity to learn patience and self-control. Be aware of agitated action. Although it is frustrating to be still, let things take their course. Do not work yourself up needlessly.

                              7) Environment: 4 of Swords You need time to regroup. Although your situation is problematic, you will not resolve it until you can take some time out. Remove yourself from the situation, meditate and find your center. By recharging your spiritual strength, you will bring your best efforts to solve the problem. Be aware of ignoring the problem by distracting yourself. This is not a card of escapism, but of utilizing your spiritual foundation for renewal.

                              8) Strengths: 7 of Cups You are faced with many choices, opportunities, and dreams, Find inspiration from them where you can. Acknowledge them as distractions if they take you from the path you have chosen. Be aware of being overcome by the power of these distractions. They may be enticing and you enjoy entertaining them for a time, but you may regret that choice in the long run.

                              9) Hopes and Fears: The Hanging Man The message of the Hanging Man is knowing when and what to sacrifice. Be clear about who you are and let all your actions and decisions hang from that vision. Even if your actions feel clumsy or out of sync with others, sacrifice their favorable opinion rather than be untrue to yourself. Do not put more stick in what other people think than in what you believe to be right. Be aware of rationalizing bizarre or inappropriate behavior by saying you are just being yourself. Are you really? Or are you looking for an excuse to misbehave while feeling noble about it?

                              10) Final Outcome: The World World message is that of completion and accomplishment. You feel a sense of unity with the universe and mastery over self that is natural and effortless. You move to the rhythm off nature and of your heart. They are one. Be aware of a false sense of security. In theory, the World represents total completion. However, in our human lives, this is never really achieved. But because we are human still, we can achieve only partial or temporary oneness. The temporary or partial experiences encourage us to keep growing and moving forward, if for no other reason than to experience that exquisite moment of freedom and understanding again.

                              I feel like there is a struggle over this decision. Wether its someone doesn’t want you to do it for their own selfish reasons, or there are a lot of variables for why you shold or shouldn’t do it. Trust your intuition. And don’t listen to any fears. The final outcome shows that you will benefit greatly from this. You will want a rest at some point, so make sure you don’t give your whole life/ soul into this venture. Perhaps you should take some time now for yourself to ponder all aspects of the venture, and this will allow you to enter it renewed and refreshed.